Whenever you watch football, whether it be at the professional or youth level, there always seems to be a massive focus on Breaking The Lines.

Whether you are a midfielder, a defender, or even a goalkeeper, you are expected to Break The Lines of defence, or a striker’s press.

Even with his passing, Johan Cruyff’s principles have stayed alive, and even grown in importance, especially in the last five years.

When you scout a promising youngster, you note “Sure, he’s physical and quick, but can he switch play, play any pass, and Break The Lines?”

As physicality and athleticism are mostly even across the board, technique and tactical nous are more important than ever in development. Can a centre back keep composure while being chased by two quicksilver center forwards?

Can he do enough on the ball against a deep block, with time on the ball? Can he vary his pass selection, and most importantly, is he capable of Breaking The Lines?

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