BTL Exclusive Interview with Matheus Magalhães

On the eve of his Champions League debut against Napoli, BTL co-creator Zach Lowy spoke to Braga goalkeeper Matheus Magalhães about:


-Growing up in Belo Horizonte and remembering his roots:


“We all know that every kid who is born in Brazil wants to become a footballer but I have to also give credit to my parents for what they did for me and my brother. Many times they wouldn’t buy things for themselves in order to give us the best conditions to become footballers…I remember my mom, dad, brother and myself living in a garage together that just had one bed, all packed together in a garage, so I value this because they are things that make us remember.


It’s important to not lose our essence, our humility, even if you’re a footballer or a lawyer you can’t lose that faith that essence of knowing where we came from…I just have to thank God for everything he’s done in my life, my parents’ life and the life of my brother who is playing in China now but who has already played for Brazilian side Palmeiras and Croatian side Rijeka.”



-Playing in the Champions League for the first time at 31 years old:


-“I remember when I was 11 or 12, watching big Champions League matches, seeing Dida with Milan and Gianluigi Buffon with Juventus, and we were always admiring these great players. To be able to experience it now, to look back and say, ‘all of this was worth it, all the effort we put in, all the things we sacrificed. Many times people said ‘you won’t achieve this, you won’t make it, give up,’ but I think the belief, the faith, and not giving up on your dreams is paramount.”


-Why he decided to pursue a calling as a goalkeeper:


“Moisés, my older brother would tell me to go in goal and I’ll practice my shots on you, I took a liking to it and started improving, training and dedicating myself to it.”


-The footballer that he looked up to as a role model whilst growing up:


“I always took inspiration from my brother. He was older and already a footballer so I would always watch what he was doing in training… in terms of how he handled himself every day, rested, and dedicated himself, I always looked at him as a mirror for myself.”


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