5 Reasons Why Players Are Opting for the Live Dealer Experience

The authenticity of the experience has its charm. It’s the kind of appeal no traditional online casino can ever hope to replicate, so it’s no wonder why an increasing number of gamblers are opting for the liver dealer experience. They may not have a real brick & mortar casino nearby, but getting a similar kind of vibe from the comfort of one’s sofa is a deal that’s hard to pass up on. But this is only the peak of the iceberg. Below, we will examine the reasons why live dealer casino games are so appealing.

1. Perceived fairness


Although most modern casinos use sophisticated random number generators, some people still don’t fully trust online casinos, thinking that the outcome of the games is somehow skewed in the house’s favor (at least more than it should be).


If this is what worries you, live dealer games are a much preferable alternative because you can see the wheel spin or the cards being dealt by a real croupier in real-time as opposed to some algorithm you can never know exactly how it’s coded. In other words, doubts may arise when a virtual dice is thrown, but when you witness the real thing with your own eyes, the legitimacy of the outcome needs no debating.

2. Play your favorite variants of the game


Do you consider yourself an advanced gambler with a strongly expressed preference for certain more niche variants of the popular game genres like blackjack? Perhaps you only play its European variant or stick to Spanish 21? Is multi-hand blackjack your thing? Whatever your cup of tea may be, now you can play it in a live casino setting.


Of course, the exact game genre offerings depend on the casino you’re playing at, so for the best possible experience, stick with a casino provider like bitcasino io games that offers a wide selection of games. That way, you will always have enough entertainment options to keep you going. In fact, some of them also allow you to make a deposit in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, thus retaining your level of privacy and keeping the transaction fees low.

3. More freedom when betting


It’s not uncommon for online casinos to restrict bet sizes, either on the high or the low end. But what if you could play your hands in a more liberal fashion? The good news is that, generally, live bets have less restrictions in place compared to what you can expect when playing a typical online casino game.


If you consider yourself a high-roller, playing against a live dealer can be exactly what you’ve been searching for, not to mention the excitement that ensues when the round goes your way and you manage to net a big win.

4. The thrill of a real environment


If you’re an old-school veteran who has seen the ins and outs of almost every online casino in existence, it’s hard to be impressed by the same old. On the other hand, watching a stream being transmitted from an actual live brick & mortar environment is bound to give you at least some kind of thrill, no matter how many times you’ve experienced it.


Since the stream is in HD quality, it almost feels like you’re there in person. Plus, there’s the socialization element of interacting not only with the live dealer but with other players who happen to be present there as well. It’s simply a stimulating environment that focuses on a core human need. No typical online casino can recreate the thrill of playing live.


5. A significant visual improvement of the game


Nowadays, we have all the fancy HD graphics, but still, none of it comes close to the mesmerizing colors of the real world and the atmosphere it can create. Since the cameras are filming from all the angles all the time in a live casino setting, it almost gives the game an additional dimension to explore. There’s something breathtaking about being able to watch the roulette wheel spin and hope the ball ends up resting on the fields you’ve placed a bet on. It makes you feel like you’re part of the action.



Nowadays, it’s a competitive advantage for any casino to offer live dealer games, as players have demonstrated a clear preference for this format. Today, you’ve learned what makes it so alluring – make sure to give this one-of-a-kind experience a shot when you get the chance!