7 Most Underrated Soccer Players

If you have been a soccer fan for years, you probably have a list of players you feel have been underrated. So, who would you have on your list?


Many great players don’t play for renowned and popular international football clubs like Chelsea and Manchester United, but most fans think they should have been in those clubs. Before diving into the list of players we think have been overlooked in some ways, check out the RedStag casino bonus, play the casino games you like the most, and have fun.


1. Jonathan Schmid


Jonathan, a French professional footballer, had Complete Wing Back as his favorite role. During his first FM21 season, he was signed by SC Freiburg until 2022, where he was earning £14K weekly. Schmid is known for his lethal crosses and should have been on better teams. Seeing former teammates like Max Kruse signed to Borussia Monchengladbach, he should be pushing for a transfer to stronger clubs.



2. Ronald Koeman


While he may not be among the most talked about greatest Barcelona players, Ronald Koeman was an outstanding defender. His impeccable passing abilities put him on the map alongside the best players to grace the football pitch. In addition, he managed to score 227 goals out of 652 games despite being a defender. Now you understand why we should be hearing more about Koeman.


3. Wissam Ben Yedder


Wissam Ben Yedder currently plays for AS Monaco and the French national football team. Wissam continues to impress fans with 29 goals to his name in competitions held in 2021 and 2022. These numbers alone qualify him as one of the most productive strikers in Europe.


He is consistent and has managed to carry a good performance into 2023, as he has delivered a substantial number of goals, as reported on the Ligue 1 website. He is known for his vision for goals, outstanding pace, and incredible passing skills. He is also one of the French’s league beat players, but he doesn’t get as much buzz as other big players in the football space.


3. Christoph Kramer


Christoph Kramer’s influence as a center midfielder is worth talking about. He is an athletic and skilled player with medium to high work rates. He is known to direct the pace of play and move the midfield forward and boasts the second-highest pass-completion percentage for players with five starts going up. His technical skills with the ball are outstanding, and he would be a great asset to any international team.



5. Davor Šuker – Real Madrid


Davor Šuker was one of the best Croatian players of his time. However, you are less likely to see him on the list of celebrated Croatian football players. One of his remarkable achievements is leading his national team to the second runners-up spot in the 1998 World Cup. Out of the 69 games he played, he scored an impressive 45 goals for his country.


In addition to his contributions to national football, he won the European Cup and a league title while playing for Real Madrid. He was one of the most lethal strikers in 90s football. Even though his brief tenure at Arsenal did not fully showcase his abilities, we believe he is still worthy of recognition. He wasn’t exactly a Gunner’s icon, but the Croatian had a respectable season. Even though he wasn’t as effective as he was at Real Madrid or Sevilla, he still deserves respect for his brilliance.



6. Leandro Castan


Considered Roma’s underdog, Leandro Castan managed to build his name through stellar performance and quickly became a fan favorite despite not being popular before going to Rome. He is attributed as one of the best center-backs and delivered an impressive defensive record for Roma. Even though Castan was older than most South American players who go to Europe, he was nevertheless able to become one of the league’s top defenders by working hard and being dedicated.


For Roma and Castan, things were looking great. He willed himself into being the ideal Serie A defender in his two years at Roma. He possessed equal parts: hardness, touch, vision, and intelligence. Leandro Castan deserves credit for that by itself. However, taking into account the challenges he faced as an underappreciated athlete and the fact that he recovered from brain surgery, he truly deserves to be remembered as one of the most remarkable success stories in football.



7. Georginio Wijnaldum


Wijnaldum was one of the players who held down Liverpool’s midfield and made a significant contribution to the team’s success during his tenure there. He was still among the most underappreciated midfielders, though. Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah, two of the greatest players in the world, eclipsed his accomplishments. At PSG, the pattern persisted. Wijnaldum had made a great impact, but on a team that featured Lionel Messi, Mbappe, and Neymar, his name hardly got a chance to shine.


Summing Up


Underappreciated players usually have the disadvantage of playing on smaller or drown-out teams or are overshadowed by more well-known players on their teams. If you have been wondering about football talent that is rarely talked about, there you have it! The players listed above are some of the most underrated in the football universe.