Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester City in the Battle for the Main Trophy of the Season

The Premier League is rapidly approaching the finish line, and the battle for the title is heating up with every round. Three great clubs – Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester City – are separated by just three points, and each of them is rushing to the top of the standings. Who will eventually win the coveted trophy?


This unprecedented race for the championship has already attracted the attention of the entire soccer world. Each of the teams demonstrates outstanding form and thirst for victory, but in the end there will be only one champion. Who will it be – “canonniers”, “reds” or “citizens”? 


Many fans have already made bets on their favorite team. As many bookmakers note, the number of bets in general grows towards the end of the season along with the heat of passion. Many fans blow off steam at bookmakers, some visit sites like in search of no deposit free spins at casinos. In any case, tensions are rising and, by the looks of it, will not subside until the last match.


The battle for the title


Liverpool returned to the first line of the standings after a 3-1 victory over Sheffield United. Reds manager Jurgen Klopp is pleased that his team have a game to play on Sunday, while direct rivals Arsenal and Manchester City play on Saturday.


“I’m happy that we play on Sunday, we can’t change that,” Klopp said. – ‘I don’t see it as a problem. The game we played today [Thursday] has nothing to do with yesterday, and Sunday’s game has nothing to do with other results.”


Arsenal beat Luton 2-0 on Wednesday to move briefly into first place, while City defeated Aston Villa 4-1. “It means we are close to the lead,” Arsenal head coach Mikel Arteta said. – We are really close.”


Liverpool’s advantages


After Sunday’s zero draws with Arsenal, City coach Pep Guardiola said, “Whoever is in the lead now is the favourite.” According to Opta statistics, after the win over Sheffield United, Liverpool’s championship chances have increased from 42% to 46.3%. “City” comes second with 32.4% and Arsenal third with 21.3%.


Remaining matches


There are only 8 rounds left to play, and there are some tough encounters ahead of the teams. “Liverpool” will have to play with “Manchester United”, “Crystal Palace”, “Fulham” and other serious opponents. “City will face Crystal Palace, Wolverhampton and Manchester United. “Arsenal will face Brighton, Chelsea and West Ham.


The denouement is very close


In recent years, we have witnessed exciting three-way races for the Premier League title on more than one occasion. In the 2013/14 season, Liverpool, City and Chelsea went toe-to-toe, while in 2001/02, Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United battled it out for the title. Now we are seeing a similar situation again. Who will win the trophy in the end? We will find out the answer very soon!