Betting Platform – Is It Legal in Canada?

What is the status of the sports betting business in Canada? Is it legal to visit the betting platform? Let’s find out!


Is Betting on Sports Legal? About Legislation in Canada


Canadians have a great passion for sporting events, especially when it comes to hockey. As fans’ obsession with sports increases, there is a growing desire to get closer to their idols. What’s the solution? Perhaps performing a Pin Up bet login and placing a bet on the upcoming match would be best. But before you do that, let’s look at the laws responsible for legalizing and banning bookmakers’ business in Canada.


Sports Betting in Canada: is it legal?


Since adopting the Canadian Criminal Code in 1892, sports betting regulations have remained virtually unchanged. The government has made some amendments, but they have yet to be significant.  Let’s look at the sports betting timeline to understand the situation better.


  • 2013: MP Brian Masse made the first attempt in decades to lift the sports betting ban in Canada. Unfortunately, a positive decision was not approved.


  • 2016: three years later, MP Brian Masse made a second attempt to succeed in sports betting legalization, but it did not succeed.


  • 2020: a third attempt to legalize single-game sports betting was made by MP Kevin Waugh. Many politicians supported the C-218 document, so it became a government bill.


  • 2021: Parliament approved C-218, and single-event sports predictions received legal status on August 27, 2021. By the end of the year, Canada had seven provincial lotteries.


  • 2022: Ontario officially became the first CAD province to welcome gambling and sports betting platforms, including Pin Up bookmaker.


These days, Canadian enthusiasts visit sports betting platforms in almost every province. However, local authorities have strict requirements for both operators and their customers.


  • Only licensed and reliable platforms like Pin Up bet site opportunities are allowed.


  • Minors cannot be involved. Each province sets the legal age. Quebec and Manitoba allow betting from 18, while in most other regions, users must be 19.


  • Players must follow the responsible gambling policy.


If you are searching for a suitable place to enjoy casino games and sports matches, the Pin Up betting online platform seems right. It features the Curaçao Gaming Authority license and numerous bonuses for every customer.


Bookmakers in Canada: Final Words


Legalized in 2021, sports betting platforms have spread across Canada. The bookmakers in the local market do not violate the current laws. However, the government of the country and individual provinces impose strict requirements.


A local or international regulator must approve the betting platform. It must also run a transparent business, and underage users cannot bet. To summarize, the Pin Up betting operator meets the listed requirements. Approved by CGA, it guarantees fair outcomes and fast payouts. Visit it to make sure!