Blatant Slam by Real Madrid Rejecting an Offer of Refunds, UEFA Is to Blame for the Mayhem at the Champions League Final

Real Madrid has offered legal assistance to their fans who wish to sue UEFA for damages following the chaotic Champions League final against Liverpool in Paris last May. Real Madrid has criticized UEFA’s “limited” plan to refund tickets to supporters.


Since the kickoff was delayed due to issues with the organization and the French authorities, UEFA announced on Tuesday that they would be implementing a new refund scheme for fans who attended the match. Real Madrid has criticized UEFA’s response, citing that an independent report exonerated the teams’ fan bases after they were initially blamed for the incidents.


“Our club had faith that UEFA would implement measures proportionate to the gravity of the situation, the extent of the harm done, and UEFA’s responsibility. Unfortunately, our club believes that the UEFA proposal, which was officially communicated last Tuesday, is inadequate because it consists solely of the reimbursement of the price of the tickets and is also contingent on the fulfillment of a series of requirements, including the demonstration of the time of access to the stadium.”


The report, commissioned by UEFA, details how the event’s poor planning and management harmed all the fans in attendance. Because of this, it doesn’t matter if fans were allowed into the stadium or if they entered at the scheduled time, which was, in any case, due to the exceptional behavior of the fans of the two clubs. The reality is that all the fans suffered an unacceptable delay at the start of the match. Serious damage was done, including robberies, assaults, and threats, and the insecurity of entering and leaving the stadium was intolerable.


The independent investigation concluded that lives were likely spared thanks to the actions of the Liverpool fans, who remained calm throughout the chaos. The statement said that the group’s actions likely helped protect vulnerable people and prevent what could have been more serious injuries or deaths. Incredibly, no one was killed.


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