Brief Overview of PayPal Football Partnerships

PayPal is the world’s leading payment provider, operating in over 200 countries and supporting 25 currencies. The brand’s history began over two decades ago, in 1998, and it has come a long way to become an industry giant. Currently, it has grown into a digital giant, providing smooth and secure transactions on PayPal betting sites from the CasinoDepositPal list and in many other sectors. 


Collaborations with different institutions and enterprises are a part of the company’s success story. PayPal partners with many celebrities, including Alec Baldwin, Corbin Bleu, and Hayden Panettiere. Of course, the sports industry couldn’t pass this trend: the payment provider collaborates with several football teams and associations to boost mutual benefits.


Funding Football Beyond Borders


PayPal is well-known not just for being a top payment method for placing bets on sports including football, but also for supporting charity initiatives. Raising funds for Football Beyond Borders is among its most important programs. The company had a successful campaign in 2019 when it raised over £100,000, and decided to repeat its success the following year. This money is aimed at supporting graduates from disadvantaged families and providing them with more prospects concerning education and jobs in the future. This program boosted interest in PayPal as the main sponsor and gathered numerous donations.


PayPal Collaboration with FA


This partnership was signed in 2019, bringing significant changes to the industry. Before, most transactions in the association proceeded via cash. Therefore, the first goal of this collaboration was to switch to digital payments. In mainly concerned FA Matchday App.


According to Rob Harper, director of mobile payments & partnerships at PayPal UK, the partnership between PayPal and FA decision significantly simplifies money transfers among all the industry participants. The service significantly saves time and additional expenses when organizing a football match. The partnership has undeniably become beneficial for both parties, but there are still no details on whether it will be extended, as the initial contract was signed for four years.


Dundalk FC and PayPal Collaboration


This partnership was announced in 2022 – and it primarily aims to increase the overall community’s wellbeing. The Irish football club created the initiative to provide more opportunities to people from disadvantaged backgrounds and those suffering from world crises and wars, and PayPal gladly joined the program. It helps the team create fundraising opportunities and donates its funds. Moreover, PayPal became an important sponsor for Dundalk FC matches. This collaboration was signed for two years, so it’s still relevant and will end in 2024. We are confident that many more ideas will be brought to life, providing more benefits for the community.

Teaming Up with The Lionesses


This collaboration is a part of the grand partnership with FA – and PayPal decided to bring more opportunities to women’s football. PayPal and the Lionesses released a short film as a part of the promotional campaign PayPal It Your Way. It opens up all the opportunities and challenges of women’s football and shows the success the existing athletes have already achieved.


Moreover, PayPal financially supports the team through donations, which significantly contributes to its further development. The PayPal marketing director mentioned that this collaboration is the best way to show the role of females in big sports and all the difficulties they face compared to men in the industry. The women’s football community is currently expanding, and the payment provider is proud of its positive influence on the sector.


Partnership of PayPal with San Jose Earthquakes


In 2021, PayPal signed a 10-year contract with the San Jose Earthquakes, a famous American football team. The payment provider expands its influence across the globe, and this partnership named PayPal Park aims to support the team, small businesses integrated in the industry, and the entire community. PayPal significantly simplified all the payments and implemented several charity initiatives, which were highly appreciated by athletes and fans.


For instance, every match the team holds now has 250 places reserved for disabled people – and PayPal covers all the expenses so that viewers can enjoy the game for free. Moreover, youngsters excited about football can enjoy training sessions before the match and explore the industry from the inside. Such a sponsorship for the payment giant is beneficial for the San Jose Earthquakes and the community, which PayPal has the chance to remind of itself and gain even more popularity in the US and beyond.

Final Insight


Being a leading payment provider globally, PayPal is known for its sponsorships and charity initiatives, which significantly boost the company’s reputation. Its excellent services, allowing low-fee transactions across 200+ countries globally and easy cashouts on betting sites, gained millions of users inside the system. However, PayPal is not planning to stop on the achieved success and is constantly growing its influence. Collaborations with football teams and associations are an important part of the company’s promotional campaigns, attracting attention to the payment system itself and the community challenges that are yet to be resolved.