Can Winning at Blackjack Help Football Managers to Develop Better Game Strategies?

Can winning at blackjack help football managers develop better game strategies? Find out more right here. 



Understanding how to win a blackjack can be analogous to how football managers can develop better game strategies, which we will be taking a closer look at right here on this page. We can start by revealing how to use certain strategies to improve your blackjack gameplay and then interpreting what this means for a football manager.  


How can winning at blackjack help football managers develop better game strategies? 


In this section, we will be taking a quick look at some of the top strategies for losing less and winning more hands at blackjack. We will also discuss the different betting patterns, knowing when to surrender, and understanding how making mistakes can ruin your game. We can then look at how football managers can use this knowledge to develop better game strategies. 


How to win at blackjack at land-based and online casinos


If you want to discover how to win at blackjack, one of the most trusted websites you can turn to in 2023 is the official website. This reputable iGaming review site has many useful articles about classic casino games like blackjack, roulette, poker, baccarat, craps and online slot machines. 


Top strategies for winning at blackjack


Understanding basic blackjack strategy is key to becoming a better player. There’s a cheat sheet available on the JohnSlots website, which basically shows you what your next move should be after being dealt certain cards. You should also take a minute to understand blackjack terminology, especially if you want to play blackjack for real money at a licensed online casino. The main blackjack terms include the following:


  • Hit
  • Stand
  • Insurance
  • Split
  • Double Down
  • Surrender 


Understanding what a dealer must do in certain situations is also like understanding what the opposition must do in a football match when put in a certain situation. Therefore, understanding risk, the odds, and the implied probability rate of something happening is just as important in blackjack as in a football match. 


Knowing when to hit or stand is also like knowing when to make a strategic substitution in football. Don’t forget that blackjack and football involve skill and luck, so no matter how much you try and use proven strategies to your advantage, you are never guaranteed to win. 


For example, in blackjack, you should avoid taking risky bets, like taking insurance; just like in football, managers should avoid using risky defensive strategies that could end up seeing the team conceding a goal or worse, losing the game, especially if it is a home game.


It’s also simple things like knowing the rules. If you don’t know the blackjack rules, how do you expect to win? The same can be said of managers who don’t clearly understand the rules of their game. It’s all about making the right calls in certain situations. Trying to anticipate the next card or what the dealer is holding is like a football manager trying to anticipate the opponent’s next move and having a plan to counter whatever happens. 


Blackjack players and football managers must think on their feet and adapt to various situations. Therefore, having a betting strategy before playing a hand of blackjack or having a strategy in place before starting a football game can give you a slight edge over your opponent (or ‘the house,’ if you’re playing blackjack). 

Where can I play online blackjack in 2023 to try out winning strategies?


If you go to the website, you can find a list of highly recommended blackjack sites, all of which are free to register a new account with and can be accessed from smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. Examples include the following fully licensed and regulated iGaming sites:


  • Prontobet
  • Jackpot Village Casino
  • 20bet Casino
  • Ice Casino
  • Mr Pacho
  • Lucky7even
  • OhMyZino Casino
  • Highroller Casino
  • 21LuckyBet Casino
  • Vulkan Vegas Casino


You must be at least 18 years old to sign up for any of these tried and tested blackjack sites, and the types of games you can play on each website are cutting-edge live dealer blackjack games and computer-generated blackjack games from numerous market-leading software providers. 



Although blackjack and football are two completely different activities, football managers can still learn from blackjack. They can develop better game strategies by taking elements of successful blackjack gameplay, such as using proven strategies, knowing when to surrender, understanding in-play patterns and implied probability rates, and learning from mistakes.


It can all help them become better managers and develop better strategies. It doesn’t mean to say you must go out and learn how to play blackjack if you want to become a successful football manager. It means reading between the lines of what makes a successful blackjack player and applying those techniques to football. You could also say that many elements of chess can help you become a better football manager. Having a good knowledge of both games can broaden your horizons and expand your strategic ways of thinking.