Cost of Creating and Maintaining a Website

What does the process of creating a website actually look like and what cost should you expect? Find out and plan everything accordingly.

How much does it cost to set up and maintain a website?


Sites surround us from all sides. In the real world, of course, we cannot see or touch them, but in the digital sphere there are already around 2 billion of them and this number will continue to grow. Practically anyone can set up a website. It is worth noting, however, that the term site will not mean the same thing to everyone. For some, a Facebook ‘page’ or a blog will be enough, while for others, it will be entire web sites such as any online casino like WantedWin. Therefore, in order to find out how much it costs to set up and maintain a website, it is first necessary to understand what a web site actually is.


Web site – what exactly is it?


A website is a document made available on the Internet, which can be accessed using a web browser from a device connected to the network. Websites connect to each other through hyperlinks, links, etc., forming sites, which is what we most often think of when we say website. Websites can contain hundreds, thousands or even millions of pages – it all depends on the services they offer. Such a huge website would be, for example, the world’s most popular online shop. Amazon even contains tens of millions of sub-pages for each item on sale.


Every site must have its own electronic URL, and here we are slowly entering the realm that begins to consume money. Because the site itself can be written by anyone. All you need to do is know the HTML code, open notepad or any other text editor and start creating. Once the website is ready, all you have to do is turn it on with your browser and you’re all set. The problem arises when we want someone from outside to access our site. The most convenient way to do this is to get a suitable domain name and a server that will allow the site to run at all times. Otherwise, you would have to make your own computer available, which can be cumbersome in the long run.


Costs of creating a web site


Initially, it may seem to anyone that sites are very simple creations, involving a few pages, some text and graphics. If someone wants to create a blog or another simple form of site, then indeed – creating such a portal should not cause a problem for someone who has had a bit of a lick of HTML creation and is familiar with various web site creation tools. However, if you want to create something original and distinctive, you will need the help of a specialist.


So how much does it cost to set up a web site? As you can easily guess, there is no clear answer to this and every site will have a different cost. However, we can use the example of a classic, simple information web site for running a business. To set it up you need:


  • a specialist/specialist web development company;
  • a domain;
  • hosting.


Below, we will discuss each of these elements in detail, explaining what the specific ‘component’ factor of web site production is responsible for and what costs should be expected.

Designing the website


As already mentioned, writing a website in its simplest form should not be a problem for anyone. It is enough to know a few basic functions or to use ready-made templates, of which there are plenty on the Internet. However, if someone has more ambitious plans, going beyond sharing something locally among friends, then they should use the services of a specialist.


Creating web sites on a professional level is a very difficult art and is dealt with by IT specialists who have spent years acquiring and honing their skills in this field. Of course, as you can easily guess, sites are different, which can be compared to construction – skyscrapers, blocks of flats, apartment houses – all will differ significantly in terms of price. The same is true of web sites.


However, assuming a standard, relatively simple site that is created for information purposes for a particular company, with a relatively simple layout and a standard number of sub-pages, the cost can range from $500 to $1000. If optimization for mobile devices and the implementation of a CMS tool (for self-updating content on the web site) is added, the price doubles.


Domain purchase


The domain is an important factor in making your website recognisable. Ideally, it should be similar or identical to the company name and easy to remember. In the real world, a company that wants to be recognizable must first of all have a good location – the same is true on the web. The domain is an important factor and a kind of business card. Just think about how we ourselves react to things when browsing the web. If we are looking for an online shop and have a choice between and, we will instinctively recognise that the former domain will provide a more professional service.


Unless we are talking about a name that is recognisable, the cost of such a domain will be relatively small. It is estimated that a standard domain costs around $40 per year, which is not a large expense compared to the total cost of creating a web site. However, if one has a desire for a domain that is a splurge, then one should expect a much higher cost, reaching even several tens of thousands of dollars.


A domain can also be created for free using a site builder or by purchasing hosting, which significantly simplifies the process of creating a website and reduces the overall cost.


Hosting – home for our website


A website needs to be hosted somewhere – somewhere that everyone can connect to without too much trouble. These are the servers to which all files and updates are uploaded. A standard, simple site will take up a maximum of a few hundred MB. This is not much by today’s standards, so the cost of maintaining such hosting will be relatively low. It also all depends on the subscription plans or length of the hosting contract. In the simplest case, however, you should be prepared for a cost, ranging from $80 to $100 per year.


Bottom line – how much and for what?


Being available online can give you huge reach. Therefore, depending on the type of your business, you should consider whether it is worth investing in your own website. The objective you want to achieve will be of great importance. It is worth noting here that it is possible to create such a ‘page’ on Facebook completely free of charge and, if properly managed, the effect can be much better than that of a standard web site.




Creating and maintaining a website involves a nuanced understanding of both the technical and financial aspects. The initial setup of a web site can vary significantly in cost, depending on the complexity of the site, the professional services employed for its development, and the technological solutions chosen, such as domain registration and hosting services. For a basic informational site, costs can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, with additional expenses for mobile optimization and content management systems. The domain name, serving as a digital identity, and hosting services, offering the necessary infrastructure, are ongoing costs that contribute to the website’s accessibility and performance.


The decision to invest in a web site should be guided by the strategic objectives of a business or individual, considering the potential reach and impact of an online presence. While it’s possible to establish a basic online presence through social media platforms like Facebook at no initial cost, a dedicated site offers a level of professionalism and branding control that can significantly benefit businesses. Ultimately, the investment in a website is not just about the upfront costs but also about the potential returns in terms of audience engagement, market reach, and the establishment of a professional online identity.