Crazy Time Game Review Live

This show, developed by Evolution Gaming, is one of the most innovative and exciting games in the live casino category. The Crazy Time live, based on the concept of the wheel of fortune, combines elements of classic casino games with interactive bonus rounds and advanced streaming technologies. The entertainment has several key features:


  1. Studios and broadcasts. The studio where the broadcast takes place is equipped with modern technology and brightly decorated, creating an atmosphere of a real television show. At the center is a huge wheel of fortune, which is a key element of the fun. The surrounding decor and lighting further enhance the sense of immersion and excitement.
  2. The role of dealers. Hosts play an important role, adding a human element to the game and creating a special energy. They are professionally trained and have excellent communication skills, making every spin of the wheel captivating. Hosts not only spin the wheel and comment on all ongoing processes but also interact with players through online chat.
  3. Online chat and interaction. One of the distinctive features of the show is the presence of an online chat that allows participants to interact with each other and with the host in real-time. This adds an element of social interaction and allows users to share their impressions and strategies, enhancing the overall experience of the fun.


The game attracts a wide range of bettors thanks to its vibrant design, dynamic gameplay, and the combination of classics with innovative technologies. This makes it not only entertainment but also a vibrant show worth participating in.


How to play Crazy Time


At the core of the game is a large wheel divided into numerical and bonus segments. The spin process has the following features:


  1. Sector selection for bets: Participants can choose between bets on numerical cells (e.g., 1, 2, 5, 10) and various bonus segments that activate unique mini-games.
  2. Placing multiple bets: Gamblers have the option to place multiple bets on different sectors in a single spin. This allows them to increase their chances of winning by selecting different betting combinations with varying amounts.
  3. Limited time for bets: Users are given approximately 15 seconds to place their bets. During this short period, they must make decisions to participate in the spin.
  4. Wheel spin: After all visitors have made their choice, the host begins spinning the drum.
  5. Numerical sector results: If the wheel stops at a cell with a number, bettors who placed a bet on that segment receive a payout multiplied by the corresponding coefficient. For example, landing on a sector with the number 2 will result in a payout of 2:1.
  6. Bonus rounds: In the event that the drum stops at a bonus segment, all gamblers who placed bets on that sector participate in a bonus round. It may include various interactive tasks and offer the opportunity to win large sums.


This show offers the opportunity to test your luck in an exciting and dynamic game where each spin can lead to new opportunities and big prizes. Thanks to multiple bets and varied bonuses, each round offers a unique experience and unforgettable impressions.


Money Wheel Review


The Crazy Time live money wheel is the centerpiece of this popular online entertainment. Divided into 54 sectors, it offers a variety of betting and winning opportunities. Each segment has its own specific characteristics and drop probabilities:


1⃣ Sector with number 1 Occupies most of the wheel with 21 cells. Bets on this segment pay out at a 1:1 ratio and have a 37.01% hit rate.
2⃣ Sector with number 2 Located in 13 cells of the wheel. Payments for this segment are made in a ratio of 2 to 1, with a probability of 25.91%.
5⃣ Sector with number 5 Includes 7 sectors of the wheel and offers payouts of 5 to 1. The chance of getting this segment is about 13%.
1⃣0⃣ Sector with number 10 Contains 4 cells and provides the opportunity to receive a payout of 10 to 1. The probability of getting this segment is 7.4%.
🪙 Coin Flip Round This bonus round takes up 4 sectors on the wheel, with a 7.4% chance of hitting.
🎯 Cash Hunt Round Represented by two cells. The chance of activation of this round is 3.7%.
🎱 Pachinko Round Consists of two segments, with a drop probability of 3.7%.
🎡 Crazy Time Round This is the rarest sector on the wheel, represented by one cell and a drop chance of 1.85%.


Each spin of the wheel is accompanied by the activation of an additional top slot with a multiplier. It is activated when the sector coincides horizontally with the multiplier along the center line. The maximum coefficient value can reach x50.


Description of bonus games in live shows


This game features four unique and exciting bonus rounds, each of which has its own appeal and offers unique opportunities for winning:


  1. Pachinko: Inspired by the classic Japanese game, the host uses a physical puck that is launched at the top of a special wall with many pegs. The puck moves downward, where various sectors with multipliers await. If it lands in the “Double” sector, all the multipliers on the board double, and the puck is launched again. In this round, you can win up to 10,000x your bet.
  2. Cash Hunt: It involves interactive target shooting. The screen displays 108 different multipliers hidden behind symbols. Users must choose their target, believing it hides the highest multiplier. This round adds an element of strategy and excitement as each participant makes an individual decision.
  3. Coin Flip: Based on the “heads or tails” principle, this round uses a coin with two different colored sides. Multipliers for each side are randomly determined before the round begins. The host flips the coin, and the side that lands determines the multiplier applied to the user’s bet. The maximum win can reach up to 5,000x.
  4. Crazy Time: This is the most exciting and potentially profitable bonus round. Bettors are transported to a virtual space with a huge wheel of fortune. Before the spin starts, they choose one of three colored flappers. The wheel spins, and the win is determined by the multiplier indicated by the chosen flapper. This round also includes the possibility of “Double” and “Triple,” which can increase the multiplier to 20,000x.


These mini-games add an additional element of excitement and variety. It is thanks to them that participants can significantly increase their bankroll and experience the real emotions of excitement and thrill.


The role of statistics in creating a strategy for playing a live show


In Crazy Time, statistics play a key role in shaping strategies, helping gamblers optimize their approach to betting. It provides important information based on past wheel spins that can be used for more informed decision-making. The key aspects important for strategic planning include:


  1. Analysis of past spin results: Understanding previous outcomes helps identify which sectors have appeared most frequently.
  2. Probability calculations: With information about the number and distribution of sectors on the wheel, players can calculate the probability of each sector landing.
  3. Trend analysis: Some users analyze statistics to identify potential trends and patterns.
  4. Risk management: Applying statistics allows for more effective risk management, helping to determine moments to increase or decrease bets based on the current state of the game.


Using statistics doesn’t guarantee a win, but it can significantly increase the participant’s level of awareness and control over the betting process, making decisions more strategic and well-thought-out.