England’s World-class Soccer Players

Games have always attracted a lot of people. Some prefer computer games, others like gambling entertainment, which in recent years has increased its popularity due to the fact that it has become available online to everyone and offers excellent conditions for players like Allwins Casino. Some people prefer sports gambling or betting on sports. But there is one game that unites millions of players from all over the planet, we are talking about soccer.


Naturally, many people associate soccer with England. This is not surprising, because it is in this country soccer is very developed, here is one of the strongest leagues in the world, and also among English footballers a lot of world-class stars, which are known in any country. It is about some of these players that we will talk further. 


English Players in the History of Soccer


English players occupy an important place in the history of soccer. Many of them are true legends who have shown the world their incredible abilities as well as their dedication to the national team and their clubs. It is noteworthy that England can boast not only legendary players who have already finished their careers, but also among the current players there are those who have already contributed to the history of soccer and are acting legends. 


Sir Bobby Charlton


This is not only one of the most famous midfielders of the national team, but generally one of the greatest English players, as evidenced by the scintillating Ballon d’Or (1966). Charlton was one of the best players on the national team in the World Cup-winning side (1966). He played 106 times for the national team and netted 49 goals. He spent most of his club career with Manchester United. He was also lucky enough to survive the terrible Munich tragedy, where an airplane carrying the Manchester United team crashed. As luck would have it, Charlton did not travel with the team to that match and survived.


David Beckham


Today this name is familiar even to those who are not interested in soccer. It is the surname Beckham comes to mind many first when it comes to star footballers from England, because his brilliant career as a player he finished recently, but he never left soccer. David is now the owner of the American club Inter Miami, in which, by the way, in 2023 Lionel Messi moved.


The star striker of the national team played 115 matches for the team and really became the main figure of the national team in the 2000s. He represented most of his career for Manchester United as well as Spain’s Real Madrid, where he also left his stellar mark. Beckham has also built quite a successful career in advertising. 


Wayne Rooney


Manchester United striker who has become an international star. Rooney is the top scorer of the 21st century in the England national team and also in the history of the national team, in 120 games he scored 53 goals for the opponents. In addition, he is still the best Manchester United footballer as well. In 559 games, he has sent 253 goals into the goal. 


Gary Lineker


A famous striker of the national team, he scored 80 goals in 80 matches. The peak of his career came at the World Cup (1986). He was able to score for Argentina, register a double for Paraguay and score a hat-trick for the Poles. All this brought Lineker the Golden Boot, and it is noteworthy that he was the first Englishman who was able to get this coveted by many trophy. Gary also distinguished himself in Spanish soccer, he played 103 games for Barcelona and scored 67 goals. 


Michael Owen


The world-famous striker and the winner of the Ballon d’Or (FIFA 2001). He also has a unique achievement, he managed to participate in two European Championships and two World Cups, scoring in each of the four tournaments. In 90 national team matches, he has scored 40 goals against opponents. He also became the second English player who managed to still make a hat-trick very strong national team of Germany. The striker managed to distinguish himself in Newcastle, Liverpool, as well as play in Spain for Real Madrid. 


Paul Scholes


A humble and irreplaceable member of the England national team, who did an incredible job in every match in midfield. He is one of the representatives of that most successful generation of Manchester United, making 718 appearances for the club and scoring 155 times. Also many call him one of the most accurate midfielders of his time, he was able to quickly and intelligently assess the situation on the field and make incredibly accurate passes. Scouse is among the most titled English footballers, on his account of 25 different prestigious trophies. Among them are 11 APL trophies and two Champions League trophies.