Famous Footballers and What They Do in Their Free Time

After years on the pitch, it makes sense to take a break from the game and play with less pressure. We learned how some of the most famous football players in the world spend their time when they are not training or playing a football match.


Since these athletes are always in the public eye and under pressure, it’s crucial for them sometimes to take a vacation. And these men don’t simply loosen up—they are masters at having a good time! Some people prefer spending their downtime outside, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, who enjoys waking up early, listening to music, and relaxing in his compound. Some people adore spending time with their loved ones.


Lionel Messi


The Argentine star spends most of his leisure time at Barcelona’s San Lázaro Park, the city’s largest public park. He enjoys watching youngsters play there and occasionally buys them gifts. He also enjoys joining them sometimes and playing with them.


Despite his transfer to PSG, Messi remains strongly devoted to Barcelona. Messi grew up on the streets of Rosario in Argentina, playing football with his buddies and even against other youngsters from the neighborhood. He developed into one of the biggest stars in world football.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic


The Swedish footballer is a devoted family man. He enjoys spending time at home with his wife, Helena Seger, also a professional player. He can communicate in five languages, including French and English, which helps them at home in Paris, where Zlatan lives with his parents.


Zlatan enjoys video games, cooking, and watching movies to unwind. He’s also a big fanatic of Formula One, and has been seen multiple times in cities where the event is taking place.




The Brazilian star spends a lot of time at home in Paris. It means a lot for him to have a peaceful setting where he can relax and concentrate on himself. His favorite pastime is listening to music. Neymar also enjoys computer games, table tennis, and pool with his friends and family. He believes that relaxation is the key to good performance: “I don’t want to be stressed out or worried while I play!”


The player claims that staying at home allows him to unwind after competing in different games all across the world. He spends time with his family members, watches movies, and plays video games with his brothers and friends who reside in various parts of the world.


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Cristiano Ronaldo


The 37-year-old Manchester United star is continuously under pressure to be at his best. In his free time, Ronaldo enjoys listening to music, reading, and socializing with his friends. He enjoys fishing and walks along San Gabriel Street with his wife and children on occasion.


He also enjoys spending time outside, such as gardening at home or going for a stroll along the beach with the family dog. His time off enables him to cleanse his head and focus on football. Staying at home helps the Portuguese superstar to recharge his batteries for the next match day. 


Robert Lewandowski


The Polish striker enjoys being outside in nature. When it’s hot, he loves going to one of the beaches in Barcelona to swim, play beach soccer, or just relax and have lunch with his family. He claims that life in Poland cannot be compared to life in Barcelona, or even Munich where he spent several years. He values his weekends since he spends them with his wife and children. Despite his passion for outdoor activities, he does not travel much.


Kylian Mbappé


The French poster boy enjoys his favorite Chinese eatery. He also enjoys a walk to the movies with his pals and playing video games. One of his favorite sites in Paris is the Arcadium, a fantastic recreation and entertainment facility. Mbappé says he feels like a kid there and likes going through the mall’s stores and cafés.


He was recently a subject of a big-money move to Madrid in the summer, but he opted to remain in the French capital. He has created a strong fan base in Paris, and his fans are always happy to see him in the streets.