FIFA 23 Preview – The Next Step in Football Simulation

Before EA Sports gets started with EA Sports FC, it’s time for a new part of the FIFA series. FIFA 23 will be released later this year and we were allowed to take a look at the last part of the iconic football series. You can read everything you need to know in this FIFA 23 preview! Although the FIFA 2023 version has not been officially launched yet, you can enjoy this year’s version for several months. Moreover, you can bet on FIFA virtual tournaments on non-GameStop sports betting sites, such as


A new football season also means a new FIFA game is on the way. This year will only be the last time an EA Sports football game bears the FIFA name, as the license has not been renewed by the infamous World Football Association. Because FIFA 23 will be EA Sports’ last FIFA title, the studio naturally wants to close this successful football series with a bang and we were allowed to take a look behind the scenes at the next FIFA release that awaits us.




What most FIFA fans will probably be excited about is that cross-play is finally in FIFA 23. It’s a nice thought to know that you can play with your friends no matter what platform they are on. However, there are still a few exceptions to cross-play. For example, due to gameplay differences, it will not be possible to have cross-play between last-gen platforms, i.e. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and current-generation platforms such as PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PC and Google Stadia.


For example, if you’re playing on a PlayStation 5, but your favourite FIFA opponent is on PlayStation 4, you still won’t be able to play against each other. In addition, there is a small limitation on cross-play in FIFA 23, because the function is only possible when you play 1v1 modes. A game of co-op in Ultimate Team is therefore not possible if you play on different platforms, something that still feels like a missed opportunity.


More Attention for Women


As mentioned earlier, FIFA 23 will be the big final piece for EA Sports in the FIFA series and the studio wants to show that it has saved the best for last. The studio wants to do that not only for the men in football but also for the women. For example, you have probably already seen that on the cover of the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition, female superstar Sam Kerr sits down next to Kylian Mbappé as the cover star.


It doesn’t stop there, because, in addition to international women’s teams, there are now also women’s clubs in the game where you can play a competition. In addition, women are also put in the spotlight in animation. EA Sports has invested time and effort in bringing women’s football to life as we see it now with the Orange Lionesses at the European Championship.

Hypermotion 2


Last year we were introduced to Hypermotion in FIFA 22, on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. A new way from EA Sports is to incorporate animations into the game to create a realistic football experience. FIFA 23 builds on the foundation of FIFA 22 with Hypermotion 2. In the game, you will find more different animations and so the idea is that you get an even more complete experience.


You now have much more control over how you want to hit the ball and what kind of curve you want to give the ball. All these gameplay elements aim to get players even more involved in the in-game football and give them a complete experience.


Extended Modes


As in previous years, FIFA 23 also takes another step in the different modes it offers. For example, Ultimate Team, Career, Volta and Pro Clubs all get some new things to keep it nice and fresh and offer you new experiences. Still, the crowning point for next year is that both the World Cup for men in Qatar and the World Cup for women in Australia and New Zealand will have their own mode.


We have seen this more often in previous World Cup years and it is still a question of what the design will be exactly, but EA Sports usually does its best work here. For avid FIFA fans, the confirmation of these modes will also make the heart beat a little faster. You also simply have the classic modes such as kick-off that will also offer enough entertainment on the couch, or via cross-play.


Ideal for Newcomers


FIFA 23 also takes extensive account of newcomers to the franchise. Over the years, a lot of gameplay elements have ended up in the franchise which can be quite difficult for newcomers. EA Sports has therefore now placed a training centre in FIFA 23 so that you can practice at your own pace using different scenarios.


Even for experienced players, there would be a reason to dive into the training centre to master the more complex gameplay elements of FIFA 23, but the system is mainly intended for newcomers. FIFA 23, therefore, seems to be the crowning glory of EA Sports in the FIFA franchise, while at the same time taking great account of newcomers.


Evolution of the Football Experience


In addition to all the information we were allowed to see about FIFA 23, we were also allowed to get started with the game to test some things. The game is not perfect, but it does take a step forward compared to FIFA 22. What is immediately noticeable is that the game has had a huge upgrade graphically. This way you see fresh lively grass on the pitch, which in turn makes the experience just a bit more realistic.


FIFA 23 also seems to be setting a new standard for football games and gives football fans a spectacular experience. Now we have to wait and see until the actual release of the game, because in the meantime often a lot of things want to change. In any case, the impression we have gotten so far is promising, but in some respects, there is still work to be done.