Five Key Areas Liverpool Must Address to Challenge (again) for the Premier League

By recent standards, Liverpool have had a poor campaign in the Premier League. Only twelve months ago, the same team, minus Sadio Mane were competing in four competitions with the possibility of doing something that no English team has managed to do.  


Whilst everything is not completely wrong at Anfield, there are clearly some issues that need to be addressed. With some key changes, this Liverpool team can return to competing for the Premier League once again. In recent seasons, Liverpool tickets have been the hottest in the English Premier League with every game being a complete sell-out.


The Current Midfield 


As many pundits and journalists will point out, the current midfield for Liverpool hasn’t been able to play with the intensity that they have previously. The likes of Fabinho, James Milner, and Thiago are off the pace, whilst Curtis Jones and Harvey Elliott haven’t hit the heights that have been hoped of them thus far. 


If Jude Bellingham does join the team, this will go some way to solving this issue, an amazing talent that will change the team. However, one player may not be enough, so Liverpool will need to invest in other reinforcements. 


Wingbacks’ Defensive Skills 


Trent Alexander-Arnold is an amazing attacking player for both Liverpool and England, however, his inability to defend at an elite level is well-known. Additionally, Andrew Robertson has spent at least a portion of this season looking tired in defence. These frailties in defence have been masked by their attacking talent, however, Liverpool haven’t performed in the same way this season.


 If the team are going to compete for the league title next season, they will require Robertson and TAA back to their attacking best, or for them to improve dramatically in defence. The alternative is to invest in new players, however, this would mean replacing one or both of the fan favourites. 


Underperformances from Key Players


Trent Alexander Arnold and Andrew Robertson aren’t the only Liverpool players who have suffered dramatic failings in their form this season. Virgil Van Dijk and Fabinho have been playing at a much higher level than in previous seasons. These two players have been critical to The Reds’ success, so it’s unsurprising to see their poor play cause heartache to the Liverpool faithful


Replacing Club Legends


Several players that have played an integral role in the success by Liverpool will be leaving at the end of the season, James Milner and Roberto Firmino were two of the best players in Liverpool’s most successful years. Key characters in the dressing room like James Milner and Roberto Firmino will be missed by the team and will need to be replaced. Signing players that have a winning mentality will be a big challenge for Jurgen Klopp and the board. 


Retaining Current Manager Jurgen Klopp


Jurgen Klopp is key to Liverpool’s success, his passion for the club is unrivalled and infectious with both the team and fans. The team went 30 years without winning a Premier League title, Jurgen Klopp changed the mentality of the club. However, there have been occasions this season in which he has looked less than content. If Liverpool want success in the coming seasons, they will need to trust him to rebuild once again and keep him content at the club.