Football Clubs With Big Gambling Sponsors

If you are a football fan or you like to gamble online you know that these two things are more connected than some people believe. At the end of the day, this comes due to the sponsorship visible. Yes, casinos will sponsor a football team. 3.5 billion watch football hence this is the best possible way to promote the brand like There are a lot more details and specifics here but you probably know them already. Anyway, let’s see a couple of football clubs that have casinos as their big sponsors.


Manchester City


Manchester City is a well-known club in the world and one of the most appealing in the Premier League. Well, they are also sponsored by Marathon Bet. The sponsor claims that they saw the potential of the club and they wanted to reward the club and also the fans. Let’s just add that they will reward the bettors as well. The deal is massive and as you can assume not all details about it are known to the public. 


Real Madrid


How many of you believed that Real Madrid is sponsored by a different type of company and not a casino? The sponsor here is Fonbet. An interesting fact is that all ads related to gambling in Spanish League are banned. It looks like the deal doesn’t have any purpose and it is completely ineffective. But, Fonbet will offer unique promotions for the clients and they can advertise on social media, online in general, and in many other ways. 


If you know that Real Madrid is one of the best teams in the world and one that has a huge budget. Thousands of players on EU online bookies like here follow Real Madrid and participate in every game. You can imagine that the deal is massive and the investment is probably going to pay off well. 




Yes, Everton, the club you like is sponsored by a casino. The club is sponsored by Sport Pesa and the deal started in 2017. An interesting fact is that this company comes from Africa. It is known as the ‘’warmest’’ sponsor in the football realm and one of the best considering they are a massive brand. 


AC Milan


Yes, AC Milan, one of the best clubs on the planet is sponsored by a casino. The brand is called StarCasino.Sport and their idea were to tell a story of the club and attract new fans and also new bettors. You can see the logo of the brand on the stadium in Italy.


Why this club you may wonder? Well, Milan won the Champions League and it is one of the best-known clubs in the world. The sponsorship is more than just effective and we believe to see it present in one form or another for a long period of time.


The mission of this sponsorship is simple. Milan is a popular club and hence has a lot of fans. It has one of the best stadiums you can ever find. A lot of people will see the ads of the casino and they will want to become gamblers or place an occasional bet. In return, the club gets a lot of money to use for improvements and specifically for adding new players to the team.


It all makes sense now. We can add that in the near future we will probably see a lot more deals of this kind between Milan and other betting/gambling companies. We will probably see the same with other clubs in the Italian league. 


West Ham United


The club is sponsored by Betway, one of the leaders in the industry. Back in 2015, this was the biggest deal of this kind ever and it is still considered very high and not something many other clubs will get. Senior team members wear the shirts and also all training shirts have the logo of the sponsor (rear and front). Despite the fact West Ham United is not one of the best clubs in the world, it is a member of the English Premier League and it deserves a lot of attention and has plenty to offer. 


We hope that the deal will make the club more appealing to others and it will help the officials make needed improvements and adjustments in order to become an even better club in the league and therefore in the world. At the moment, the club is more than just decent it is one of those teams that have been advancing for a long period of time.


The Final Word


You may believe that casinos and betting/gambling companies don’t sponsor or they do it in small numbers of football clubs. But the truth is completely different. Over 60% of the clubs in the 3 main leagues in the world are sponsored by these brands.


The main reason for that is the target audience. Football fans want and need the thrill so they are more likely to bet and play games than other people. As such, these sponsors need and want to sponsor football clubs. It is ideal symbiosis and something you can deduce within seconds of reading this. We can expect more and more clubs to start cooperation with casinos and gambling companies.