Footballers Who Enjoy Spending Time at Casinos

For some professional footballers, the thrill of gambling is almost as exhilarating as the games they play on the field. Many athletes indulge in online gambling to pass the time and have fun away from the pitch. With all the money sitting in their bank accounts, who can blame them? While gambling isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, there’s something undeniably appealing about it for certain players and personalities.


A significant percentage of the players we’ve researched find immense pleasure in playing games with live dealers, while others are enthusiastic fans of free slot machines. Nevertheless, what unites them all is a deep-rooted passion for gambling. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top five footballers and their favorite independent uk online casinos.


Among the prominent names on our list, there’s no one better to start with than CR7 himself. He is currently the most famous and often candid footballer, known for his love of gambling in his leisure time.

Cristiano Ronaldo


As for this roster of renowned footballers, Cristiano Ronaldo currently tops the list. It’s well-known that the Portuguese superstar enjoys playing slot machines and other online games. In fact, he has been spotted multiple times engaging in gambling activities at various online casinos. Moreover, Cristiano Ronaldo is a dedicated gambling enthusiast. It has been reported that he can often be found in casinos worldwide, most likely participating in blackjack and roulette games.


The fact that he can exhibit self-discipline when it comes to his gambling resonates with his commitment to his football career. Nevertheless, with a fortune exceeding £1 billion, he certainly has more than enough to enjoy a few spins of the reels or blackjack hands. However, rumors persist that he has already lost over $150 million of his wealth.

Gianluigi Buffon


Another football player known for his affinity for gambling is the famous Italian goalkeeper. He passionately enjoys placing sports bets and is known to have bet on various competitions, from basketball to Formula 1. He has many friends with whom he plays poker, and he is also a fan of online gambling. With such a high-class football career, it’s safe to assume that his online gaming endeavors will follow suit. It’s hard to imagine a top-tier Italian player who doesn’t dabble in gambling due to the strong connection between the country and gambling. Therefore, Buffon’s presence on our list shouldn’t shock anyone. It is reported that Buffon often enjoys spending time at casinos, playing various table games, spinning the reels of slot machines, and occasionally participating in VIP blackjack.


Mario Balotelli


Italian striker Mario Balotelli is just one of several professional footballers who enjoy gambling in their free time. He has been spotted at more than one Italian casino, and some people have even reported seeing him playing online poker and slot machines. Additionally, he has a passion for cars and regularly shares posts online about his gambling activities along with photos of his car collection. Furthermore, it is widely known that Mario lost over $200,000 in a single year due to gambling losses. These are significant losses for anyone, but especially for a professional footballer. Regardless of the circumstances, it is highly likely that he will continue to gamble, given his character and the overall disposition we have often witnessed on the football field.


Wayne Rooney


Wayne Rooney, another well-known name in English football, was known for frequently visiting casinos while playing for Manchester United, Everton, and the England national team. If you ever found yourself competing with him at one of the tables, he would be more than happy to strike up a conversation while you waited for your turn. Such is his character, and gambling clearly played a significant part in his football career. However, considering that he once lost half a million pounds in a single session in Manchester, he can’t be considered the most successful gambler on our list. Don’t get us wrong, but this is the hallmark of gambling. In the long run, the casino always wins, and the massive sums of money these players lose in a single session are truly astounding. Nevertheless, in his autobiography, Rooney publicly shared his experience with gambling, stating that it was a wake-up call for him to quit gambling, and he hasn’t done so since.




The final entry on our list introduces us to the legendary Brazilian performer. A maestro on the field and off, Neymar is known to occasionally indulge in online poker, slot machines, and even bingo. Moreover, he has a fervor for automobiles, often sharing his gambling adventures on social media along with photos of his car collection. Consequently, Neymar is sometimes seen as an influencer capable of popularizing online casinos among future football stars. There’s no doubt he ranks among the world’s best players, and his penchant for gambling, while tarnishing his reputation, is undeniable. At present, Neymar is regarded as one of the premier professional footballers worldwide. Known for his outgoing and sociable nature, it comes as no surprise that he occasionally dabbles in games of chance.



In conclusion, the world of professional football is not only about what happens on the pitch; it extends to the off-field adventures of some of the game’s biggest stars. For these footballers, the thrill of gambling is an exhilarating experience that often rivals the excitement of their matches. Online casinos provide them with a means to unwind and have fun away from the stadium, and their substantial bank accounts certainly allow them to indulge.


Whether it’s the excitement of live dealer games or the allure of free slot machines, what unites these athletes is their deep-rooted passion for gambling. From Cristiano Ronaldo’s frequent appearances in casinos to Gianluigi Buffon’s love for sports betting, Mario Balotelli’s high-stakes losses, Wayne Rooney’s memorable visits, to Neymar’s occasional forays into online gaming, each player adds a unique twist to the world of professional football.


These footballers remind us that even amidst their busy careers and high-stress matches, there’s always room for some entertainment and excitement outside the field. As they continue to dazzle us with their skills on the pitch, their off-field adventures add an extra layer of intrigue to their larger-than-life personas.