Footballers Who Like Gambling

A huge part of people who live on Earth adores football with their entire hearts and souls. It’s not a secret. They love to watch it, play it, and wager on it. Even the placekickers could punt on something or play cards. Do you want to find out, which kicks adore such things, then keep reading!


A lot of kicks have switched to online betting as online casinos have grown in popularity. They don’t have a desire to be recognized, thus they primarily do it to save their info. You may do it too! All you need is to find a list of real money casinos and a little bit of luck and practice. We’ll introduce a few of these footballers in this article if you’re interested. 


Cristiano Ronaldo


It appears that this man is 1 of the GOAT placekickers and is an outstanding sportsman who went down in history. He was on the national team and amassed a lot of goals there. He is highly prominent for his dedication, perseverance, and fierce competitiveness, which helped him rise to the position of 1 of the wealthiest sportsperson on Earth.


Speculation is 1 of his beloved hobbies, and this player is an expert punter so he is in his sports area. As a representative for PokerStars, he leveraged his immense fame to advertise the company’s site and attract more clients.


Gianluigi Buffon


This man is an Italian sports hero, a high achiever, and a talented goalkeeper. In addition to his popularity for it, people know him for being keen on risky games, particularly poker and wagering. However much cash he has made and displayed, hazardous games have never interfered with his sports achievements. Presently, Gigi likes to gamble online and play poker with his dear ones in his free minute.

Gerard Pique


People know this person as a poker and football player. His love of gambling began during his formative years at Manchester United. He was with others prominent for frequenting opulent casinos.


That’s as maybe he was able to get several significant victories, such as in the early tenth years when he ended 3rd in the PokerStars Championship (while serving as the company’s brand representative) and at the end of the tenth years when he placed second in the European Tour Poker tournament that he organized.




He interposed as very most valuable and high-paid placekickers ever due to his numerous awards and goals throughout his quarry. The PSG and Brazilian star claim to enjoy hazardous games so far that he called his pet Poker, and after his sports quarry ends, he plans to turn pro at poker. Disparate his coworkers, he never tried to hide his love of speculation, and later started to be a PokerStars representative.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic


Without Zlatan, this catalog of celebrities at the casino wouldn’t be full; he must always be brought up while discussing football. In addition to his extraordinary career achievements, this Swedish star was also a successful gambler.


When he has the opportunity to do it, he enjoys testing his faculty and fortune in his beloved games of roulette, slots, and poker. He was chosen to represent the Swedish online bookmaker Bethard as a brand envoy, which undoubtedly raised their profile. He even plowed in the same business, for which UEFA penalized him.


So there you have it, gambling in states is a trendy thing. We expect, that this piece has quenched your inquisitiveness, but you ought to know that numerous other placekickers are popular for their gambling habits. 1 of the most significant motivations for kicks to gamble, some of whom took it to the pro level, is the exhilaration it gives them when placing large bets.