Gambling and Football Over the Years

There is undeniably a connection between football and gambling, especially in countries like the UK, where the two are joined by a certain culture. It’s interesting, however, to look back and discover where this connection formed, what it looks like today, and what you might expect in the future. It’s easy to take for granted that things are the way they are for a certain reason, but delving into these reasons can help you look at everything involved with a fresh perspective – giving you a new insight into both the worlds of gambling and football.




It’s interesting to research just how far back this connection goes and why it remains so strong today, as a lot of seemingly random factors about their connection begin to fall into place and immediately change your perspective. Gambling being something that’s conjoined to football is nothing new, and it’s been the case for around a hundred years – with the company initially responsible for the connection maintaining strong ties with the official game into the modern day.


Seeing gambling as being closely connected with football due to how naturally they seem to go together is one thing, but once you start to understand that this perception might be more constructed than you realized, it can make more sense.



What this means today is that many people who are interested in football might easily be exposed to the gambling side of the hobby as well. This could be through sports betting, but that pastime is closely linked to another – online casinos. With both those and sports betting being so easily accessible, it creates a triangular network. This is furthered at outlets like where there are football-themed slots available like Football Star and Soccer Strike.


While these might have once been fringe experiences to visit online, modern online casinos, such as this, are capable of offering users an encrypted platform with a myriad of ways to pay – including cryptocurrency, making them more appealing to general audience members.



If the ban (and subsequent reversal of the same ban) on sports stars advertising sports gambling in the UK is anything to go by, the future might see this topic as the center of controversial discussions again and again. However, with safe and responsible gambling being repeatedly promoted on official platforms, as seen previously, this creates a contrast in potential attitudes.


On the one hand, you have gambling outlets becoming more accessible and arguably safer than ever before, but you also have an increased attitude of well-being as more important than the prospect of advertising. The legality of gambling marketing is already something that shifts from country to country, so to see it shifting in places where it’s currently allowed, like the UK, might not be enormously unexpected. 


An additional spanner in the works is the intersection of gaming, gambling, and legality, as has recently been seen in the discussions surrounding loot boxes – though online casinos specifically cater to an older demographic which potentially removes them from this discussion.