How gambling affects the promotion of football clubs

Did you know that the sports betting industry with mastercard casino has some of the brightest prospects in the world? Sports betting is developing rapidly, with more and more players betting on football, basketball, volleyball and other sports every day. Each tournament is like a separate universe in which there is room for excitement, glory, drive and big wins like In this material you will learn how gambling affects the promotion of football clubs.


What do the statistics tell us?


According to statistics compiled by Global Data, the football industry earned almost $500 million from sponsorship of betting and online casino games in the 2020/2021 season. English football made the most significant profit of $143.8 million as it attracts the largest television audience. The Spanish football Premier League earned over $70 million from betting, and German football is in third place.


This is a vivid but by no means the only example of how sports betting and online casino games help football clubs to become more successful and earn additional profits, so this topic will be discussed in more detail below.


Bookmakers and casinos are part of football culture around the world


There are only two things in the world that sports fans love more than life. The first is football. Fans constantly follow the events of their favourite club and support it fervently. The second is betting on football matches and playing football-themed online casino games.


Thanks to the rapid development of technology, betting platforms and casino sites allow you to bet from the comfort of your sofa. More and more operators are expanding their services to include gambling and sports betting. According to statistics, in Europe, no less than 20% of clubs team up with Tropicanza online casinos and bookmakers. However, this has not always been the case.


For decades, the football community has been sceptical of the gambling industry. There were fears that negotiations between football clubs and representatives of bookmakers and casinos could end up in fraudulent activities such as fixed matches. Of course, in the Italian and English Premier Leagues there have been isolated attempts to bribe players or even coaches to get a team to merge a game. However, such cases were immediately suppressed. After all, it is impossible to fake a real football match, and the fans sitting in the stands immediately sense a trick.


Ten years ago, football club managers realised that all objections to cooperation with bookmakers and casino operators were unfounded. Moreover, they realised that such a partnership could be mutually beneficial. Since then, cooperation between online casinos and football teams has become commonplace. Due to the rapid development of gambling, the number of such “alliances” is only growing. Moreover, bookmakers have become an integral part of the game of football all over the world. By opening a gambling site, a player can also make a sports bet on the premier league of such countries as:


  • Spain;
  • Germany;
  • England;
  • etc.

How do football clubs benefit from sponsorship with BCs and casinos?


Betting on sports and online casino games is a coin that has two sides. What can football clubs offer to operators? Firstly, reaching a mass market with a multi-million target audience who love to watch the game and are willing to place daily bets. Placing a corporate logo on a football player’s jersey or stadium advertising banners brings real financial benefits. As a result, the football team evokes strong associations with a particular gambling platform. Every time the players enter the stadium, its recognisability grows. Sponsorship deals make it possible to reach a wide target audience and reach new markets.


With the profits made by bookmakers and casino sites, everything is more or less clear. But what about football clubs? Why would they sponsor gambling and betting? The answer is simple – money and money again. Imagine that some corporations are willing to pay millions to participate in advertising campaigns. Advertising revenue can be used in many different ways. For example, spend it on club development, buy more prestigious and talented players. This is practically a win-win for a football league in any country.


Many online gambling sites broadcast matches of sporting events. Watching a football match in real time is a pleasure. It is not always possible to switch on the TV and watch a live broadcast. In addition, you often have to pay for a premium subscription to sports channels. By registering on the site of an online casino or bookmaker, the fan immediately gets access to the live broadcast. As a result, everyone is satisfied.


Another reason why clubs cooperate with bookmakers is to support modern football standards. Additional funding and advertising revenue allow them to improve their training facilities, develop their community and reach a new level. Participation in many prestigious matches and competitions requires additional investment. All this can be provided by a good bookmaker.




Cooperation between bookmakers and football clubs is beneficial for both parties. Online casinos and bookmakers get new customers, fame and glory. Moreover, they release slots with sports themes for real fans of football, basketball and other games. This is another great opportunity to combine two different spheres – the world of gambling and the world of sports. For the teams Liverpool, Benfica, Chelsea, Bayer Leverkusen and others, cooperation with bookmakers and casinos brings solid advertising revenue.