How to Be a Great Soccer Coach

Do you have a passion for soccer but fear that you’ve missed the boat as a professional player? Fear not, as this doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t forge a successful career within this sport. There are plenty of different routes that you can take to make a living from soccer, one of the most rewarding being to become a coach.


Whether you opt to train youth sides or adult teams, coaching is the perfect vocation for you if you understand the intricacies, nuances, and tactics of the beautiful game. Want to become a great soccer coach? If so, be sure to heed the advice laid out in the article below.

Have the Right Character


The way in which you carry yourself will have a profound effect on the mood and, in turn, the performance of your players. Having the right type of character for the rigors of soccer coaching is, then, highly recommended.


Here are six crucial characteristics every great soccer coach should possess:


  1. A thorough knowledge of the beautiful game
  2. Communication and the ability to actively listen
  3. An understanding of the players under your charge
  4. Motivation skills
  5. Flexibility and the ability to embrace change
  6. The ability to discipline players when required


Remain Relaxed


In order to extract the best possible performance out of your players, you need to make them feel content in your sporting environment. Make no mistake about it; you aren’t going to generate this type of atmosphere if you, yourself, are not relaxed.


Should you opt to operate in an erratic manner during training sessions, you aren’t going to inspire your players to follow your commands. If anything, they’ll be more likely to revolt against you.


Being relaxed is one of the simplest yet effective things that you can do to become a great soccer coach. There’s no real secret to achieving this all-important feat — all you have to do is recharge your batteries every time you are afforded some downtime!


You don’t have to be on the go 24/7 in order to succeed as a coach. In fact, attempting to operate in this manner could actively blight your ongoing coaching performance.


Quite simply, whenever you are allowed to take some time for yourself, it’s recommended that you partake in activities that you enjoy. Whether this means reading a book, going for a walk, or playing roulette on, this will help you to detach yourself from your coaching responsibilities. This might sound counterproductive at first, but it will be sure to help you optimize your performance as a soccer coach in the long term.


Be Prepared


Preparation is paramount in all sports, not least in soccer. Should you fail to prepare yourself and your team adequately for the opposition that you face, you better be prepared for a long 90 minutes!


If you want to prepare your players in the best way possible, you might want to consider watching video footage of your upcoming opponents. By providing access to this footage throughout the course of the week leading up the game, your team will be much more likely to make the right decisions at the right times when they’re out there on the pitch.