How to Follow Soccer News from Your Phone

Soccer is unarguably the greatest, and most widely held sport in the world. With a massive number of clubs, a huge amount of players and lots of teams competing in a series of competitions, it’s practically impossible to trail all of its happenings. Even if you’re a die-hard soccer fan or a sport enthusiast, there are certain soccer apps to aid you keep a trail of the actions in the soccer world.


We have a list of both paid and free-of-charge apps you can pick from, but the choice is yours to discover and curate your own list of favorites. Although there are certain restrictions imposed by some apps which gives users limited access but with the help of  VPN in Mobile, you’re sure good to go. If your question has been on what is the best VPN for Android, then VeePN is a perfect choice for you. 


You will be startled to know the number of exceptional soccer apps on the net. We took a pill before arriving at these top selections. Sit back and enjoy our list of the finest soccer apps usable on your mobile devices. 



Are you curious to get applications that will give you the latest soccer update and get you informed of football buzzes and trends, or you just want to ignite your passion for the game, get a chill drink and follow our top selections below.



(Available on Android and iPhone)


Goal lives score is an amazing soccer app that gives you free top-notch info away from reports on total shots on target, free-kicks, corner-kicks and total goals in a match. Aside match statistics, the application offers a comprehensive scrutiny, describing every facet of a game.


The app has a segment devoted to the present top performers and clubs, revealing the strong point of these squads and their performers. Additionally, you can create a notification preference for significant happenings in your preferred clubs. It is even more interesting to view articles established by critics on the study of the transfer market. 


  • FIFA

(Available on Android and iPhone)


Our list of Top soccer apps will not be complete with mentioning the FIFA app. Not to be confused with the main FIFA game, with the FIFA app, news on the general football world are highlighted. You can view results of football matches all over the world. 


The app gives detailed information about a match, including the full-squad line-ups, stadium, match officiators and much more. The exceptional aspect of FIFA app is the option of displaying the universal rankings of the top performing players and clubs globally.


  • 365 SCORES

(Available on Android and iPhone)


If perhaps you have an eye on worldwide football games, a much commended option for you is 365 scores. It is an open app for staying up-to-date with football match actions freely. Especially for vast sport enthusiast all over the world, 365scores is a must-have app for you.


This app gives you an edge and a detailed info of soccer competitions ranging from team line-up, player’s info, and team game history. Who knows, you can even check for league standings of competitions such as EPL, La Liga Española, and the German Bundesliga, among others. You surely won’t miss a go with this app.



(Available on Android and iPhone)


LiveScore is yet another great apps to get football live updates. This app is a must have for every lover of soccer. It allows users get updates on their favorite tournaments, and getting reports on significant happenings in the world of soccer.


Furthermore, the app also displays detailed match info for those interested in further match analysis. For your viewing pleasure, the app also houses news on the transfer market and current league standings.



(Available on Android and iPhone)


With more than 12 million downloads recorded, FotMob has been dominating in the soccer app market. The distinctive features of the app such as reports on key actions and audio descriptions makes it outstanding. It is even more interesting that all of this special features comes free of charge.


The app gives audio and text descriptions in numerous languages. Moreover, you can get timely updates on player transfers, list of top goal scorers, and club standings. FotMob app is also a great place to check out for international competitions.



(Available on Android and iPhone)


The last but not the least in our selection is the OneFootball app. OneFootball has a massive collection of football news, and it is one of the most sought after free app for football updates. Besides reports on match outcomes, it also gives update on the transfer market be it national or international.


The app gives live updates of your favorite teams. It also sends notification on match kick-off time. You can check for recent league standing of different competitions all over the world.



On a Personal note, I have the LiveScore app installed on my phone to get live updates of my favorite teams in EPL and La Liga. I also use the FIFA app to get updates in the global sphere. But then the amount of notifications I get is highly devastating except you’re a diehard fan of soccer like myself. Check out all of this top apps and let us know your most favorite in the comments section below!