How to Start an Online Casino in Norway

A quiet revolution is unfolding in Norway’s gambling industry. Although current regulations in Norway are strict, starting an online casino is still possible. But how do you get in on the action? This article will show you how to launch an online casino in Norway.

Guide on How to Start Online Casino Business


Making a good plan is very important when considering how to start an online casino. A business plan helps in a few ways. It gives you a clear strategy and a list of tasks. 


Focusing on one step at a time is more straightforward than handling many tasks simultaneously. You can track your progress more efficiently. Here are four key steps you need to take to start your own online casino:


Analyse the Online Casino Market in Norway


Online gambling has grown significantly in Norway recently. This field offers good chances to make money, even with global economic and political shifts.


Data from Statista supports this view. They think the number of online gambling users will grow to 233.7 million by 2027, and revenues reach over NOK 133 trillion. This expected growth shows the potential of the online gambling industry and how big the market could get.


Statistics for Norway also forecast revenue growth. They expect an annual growth rate of 4.66% from 2024 to 2029, making the market worth over NOK 402.40 billion by 2029. Although the rules are strict now in Norway, casino users in the country are expected to reach 302,700 by 2029. These forecasts signal strong market growth for online gambling in Norway.


With this promising future, the Norwegian government will likely work more to regulate and legalise online gambling.


Licensing and Legal Aspects


The first thing to consider when planning on how to start an online casino is the legal framework. Online casinos in Norway operate in a grey legal area as strict laws govern them. The Gaming Scheme Act and Regulation are vital laws. Only government-approved providers can provide and market lotteries. 


Providing, marketing or distributing gambling without approval is not allowed. This rule applies to both Norwegian and foreign operators targeting Norwegian players. Also, laws like the Money Laundering Act cover gambling licensing needs, and regulations prohibit unauthorised gambling payments. 


The Norwegian government restricts offshore operators from offering services to Norwegians. One way they accomplish this is through transfer bans for gambling transactions. Although gambling is legal in Norway, it is impossible to obtain betting debts by law.


Choosing Casino Software


To run an online casino like CasiGo Casino,Wild Tonardo, Rooster Bet, and Hugo Casino in Norway, you need a government license. This license requires a deep review of your casino’s operations and software. 


Many tech companies make the software that powers online casinos. When looking for a reliable casino software developer, evaluating software based on your needs is wise.


A quality casino product needs more than just good code and popular games. The software platform must be flexible to work in different markets. It must have modules for content management, player accounts, bonuses, and game management. It should also offer tools for payments, reporting, admin roles, affiliate management, anti-fraud, and retention emails.


The Norwegian regulatory body carefully checks the technical details and security standards of any casino applying for a license. They look at player accounts, autoplay, certified random number generators, and game rules to name a few. Ensure you carry out these checks when choosing casino software. These factors must also be considered when planning on how to start an online casino.


Casino Marketing Plan


The Norwegian government has strict rules about advertising online gambling. Foreign online casinos cannot promote to Norwegian people through online ads, social media, or other marketing.


These rules make marketing very difficult when you want to start your online casino. However, you can apply these different strategies:


  • Focus on organic growth through SEO and educational content marketing about casino games and responsible gambling.
  • Use social media to build a community, but don’t promote gambling directly.
  • Look for sponsorship opportunities with local sports/events if allowed.
  • Partner with other Norwegian businesses like tourism companies.
  • Highlight your responsible gambling practices and tools.


How Long It Takes to Launch an Online Casino


Launching a gambling platform in Norway takes careful planning. According to Hans Madsen, editor-in-chief at NorgeCasinoHub offisielle nettsted, the entire process to start your online casino often takes 3 to 6 months.


According to Hans, an expert on the Norwegian online casino landscape, securing a gaming license is the biggest hurdle. This licensing process alone can take 2–4 months. Authorities thoroughly review the company, owners, business plan, and regulation compliance. Having all documents ready upfront can help make this faster.


At the same time, the operator must find and hire a good online casino software provider. Evaluating providers, finalising contracts, and integrating the software platform takes 1–3 months. The process includes customising the website design and setting up payments, bonuses, and unique features.


The operator must also open corporate and merchant bank accounts for payments during this time. Setting up relationships with payment processors is critical and can take 2–6 weeks.


After technology integration, the operator needs a marketing launch plan—about a one-month task. This plan covers branding, advertising, promotions, affiliates, and more.


Experienced operators with an existing license can launch faster by focusing on software integration. Unexpected delays can impact timelines, so buffer time is recommended.


Operating an Online Casino


When considering how to start online casinos, precise positioning and a high-quality game library are necessary. You must also plan effectively before launching the casino and continue marketing after establishing the platform.


Finding a way to attract and retain players is crucial. The best casinos always deliver excellent customer support and efficient affiliate programs to extend their marketing reach.



This refers to how the online casino will be branded and positioned in the market relative to competitors. Key positioning decisions include the overall theme/aesthetic, target player demographics, game selection focus (e.g., slots, table games, live dealer, etc.), unique selling points, and brand personality. Getting the positioning right is crucial for attracting a suitable player base.


Quality Games


Having an extensive library of high-quality games from respected game providers is also essential to start your own online casino. Players want a modern selection with great graphics, sounds and fair/certified gameplay. Popular slots, table games like blackjack and roulette, video poker, and live dealer games are must-haves. The game portfolio needs consistent updates, too.


Pre-launch Advertising Campaign


It is crucial to build awareness and interest before launch. It involves a strategic marketing campaign across channels like paid ads, social media, affiliation with industry sites, email lists, etc. The pre-launch promotes the brand, shares sneak peeks of games, drives sign-ups for launch offers, etc.


Ongoing Promotional Support


Continuous promotions are key for retaining and attracting players post-launch. It includes welcome bonuses, free spins, reload bonuses, VIP programs, prize giveaways, tournament leaderboards, and more. An always-changing promotional calendar keeps things fresh.


Player Acquisition, Support, and Retention Strategy


Having a 360-degree plan for cost-effectively acquiring new players, providing exceptional support via channels like live chat/email, incentivising continued play from existing players through loyalty programs, personalised communication, etc.

Start an Affiliate Program


You can use third-party affiliates to drive traffic and player sign-ups in exchange for a revenue share. Successful programs recruit many affiliates to extend marketing reach through their sites, paid ads, email lists, and more in return for a commission on referred players.


How Much Does it Cost to Start an Online Casino?


Starting an online casino is very expensive. It requires a big upfront investment and significant ongoing costs. What will it cost? Let’s break it down.


It Costs at Least a Few Hundred Thousand Dollars to Get Started

To start an online casino business, you must spend at least a few hundred thousand dollars. The startup costs include a gaming license, game software, and making the website/app. How much you pay for these things depends on where you get them. This startup cost is just to launch your casino. It does not cover your monthly expenses to keep running it.


Expect to pay at least $15,000 for the gaming license. The average price for casino game software is about $200,000 to $300,000. Building the website might cost you between $1,000 and $5,000.


Understanding Monthly Cost Burdens


To start online casino business requires deep pockets for monthly staff, marketing, and payment processing expenses. After launching, your monthly expenses may be from $60,000 to $175,000. This covers paying staff, including a customer service team. It also covers marketing, advertising, and other expenses like payment processing.


Attracting and keeping players costs money. You also need funds to pay players when they win casino games on your site. Staffing costs, including customer service, might be around $250,000 annually. You may outsource customer service to lower these costs.


Marketing and advertising can cost $20,000 to $100,000 monthly, including payments for search engine services and affiliate marketing. Hire an outside payment processor so you don’t need funds to cover all player payments. These services cost around $20,000 to $50,000 monthly.