Interesting Things to Know About Soccer Betting in 2022

Soccer (or football outside of the US) is the most popular sport in the world. According to the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), there are more than 5 billion soccer fans worldwide, with South America, Asia, Africa, and Europe representing its largest bases.


Although not the most popular sport in the US, soccer has been gaining more ground nationwide in recent times. According to Statista, more teenage Americans are playing soccer than ever before. Altman Solon’s 2021 Global Sports Survey shows that soccer is now the 4th favorite sport to watch in the US, eclipsing hockey. 


A 2018 Gallop poll also showed that baseball led soccer by a slim margin, less than 2%. It was the lowest data reported since 1998, and now, soccer is the second most popular sport among Americans from 12 and 24 years old.


Soccer betting is one of the many reasons why more Americans are beginning to gain interest in sports. It’s the most popular sport for betting globally, and many US Sportsbooks are cashing in on the sport’s worldwide appeal.


For new bettors in the US, here are some interesting things to know about soccer betting in 2022:


Stay Updated


One of the things that you should do before commencing your betting journey is to read up diligently. Your knowledge will help you learn how to place potentially profitable bets. 


Typically, the results of games, player status, injuries, suspensions, and location of the game determine soccer betting odds, so research carefully before wagering. If you’re serious about harnessing the many opportunities that soccer betting offers, you have to keep yourself updated.


You can follow different soccer competitions, watch the news, or read about the style of each team. Does the team depend on their defensive prowess, or do they use offensive tactics? Does the coach switch play and be unpredictable? Combining these with more defined statistics helps you know how bookmakers react to them and can streamline your betting options.

Bet Wisely


Although betting is primarily built on a system of luck, you also need to strategical approach to win. As a beginner, one of the crucial things for you to do is set a budget.


While betting can be fun, it can also become an addiction that could cost you your entire savings. So start small and increase your bets as you grow in your understanding of how soccer betting works.


Another smart step to take is to split your bets between different matches rather than betting on just one. You spread your chances of winning when you do this, and it could help you minimize losses.


Find the Right Bookmaker


Tons of online and physical sportsbooks have soccer in their bookies. With these many options waiting to welcome you, it’s important to find the right betting site that offers the best incentives. 


Check for licensing regulations and certifications to ensure that you’re betting safely. The most secure bookmakers are registered with a well-known gaming authority, like the American Gaming Association and the North American Gaming Regulators Commission. Make sure to check if the bookmaker meets the requirements provided by these authorities.


It’s wise to keep comparing the different bookmakers even after you have chosen your preferred one. It’s because some bookmakers roll out more interesting bonuses from time to time. Bovada, InterTops, BetOnline, and MyBookie are among some of the best soccer betting sites in the US.


You Can Place Long-term Bets


It’s perhaps the easiest way to turn your financial status around through gambling, though it requires a bit of patience. Long-term bets involve placing outright bets on the winner of a Cup or League tournament before it begins.


Long-term bettors get higher odds because betting sites do not have strong scouts for competitions that are yet to begin. The odds will be high for most teams due to the many uncertainties surrounding their gameplay, player fitness, et cetera.

The 70th Minute Strategy


Professional soccer games are played for 90 minutes plus added time; therefore, betting after the 70th minute is a smart way to gamble. This strategy involves placing a direct bet on the team that is winning after the 70th minute, especially by a two-goal margin or more. With 20 minutes left on the clock, the losing team has a lower chance of equalizing, let alone winning the game. 


Unfortunately, this strategy doesn’t apply to most bookmakers because they suspend their betting feature after a game reaches the 70th-minute mark.




Soccer betting is a great opportunity for American bettors to earn extra cash. We can expect the US soccer betting market to grow even bigger due to heightened interest in the sport over the past few years.


By: Roger Wright

Featured Image: @GabFoligno / CHARLY TRIBALLEAU / AFP