Is EA FC 24 Worth the Upgrade? Comparing Gameplay and Graphics to FIFA 23

As we all know, Electronic Arts (EA) has parted ways from FIFA. The future games will no longer include the word FIFA in their title. Apart from that, EA FC 24 is still from the same developer. We gamers are more concerned about significant gameplay changes, graphics, or features than a simple name change. We will also look into why EA parted ways from FIFA.


Is it the same old FIFA game we played on our PS5, PC, or Xbox? Let’s look at what makes the new EA FC 24 worth buying and how it stacks up against its predecessor. We also have tips for readers to gain a headstart from their friends. So, let’s begin!


1.1. Why did EA part ways from FIFA?


The primary reason was the financial impact FIFA had on the game developers. EA wanted to explore more options with diverse features. They wanted to add more dynamic gameplay than their traditional 11 vs. 11 gameplay. EA is now exploring creativity for their upcoming games without the boundaries set by FIFA.


The game’s gameplay mechanics and core functions are the property of EA. It means that EA FC 24 would remain the same that we all love. EA trusts its players to stick to the game despite the big move.

1.2. Graphic Changes

1.2.1. Hypermotion 5


EA is continually working to improve their player motion through their Hypermotion technology. The animations are so advanced that coaches use them to teach football drills.


The number of frames EA captures to animate the in-game players was 8.7M in FIFA 22. It grew to 9.2M in FIFA23, and now it’s 590M in EA FC 24. The drastic increase in number makes FC 24 outperform its previous versions in animation.


1.2.2. First Person Camera Mode


The initial speculation before the game’s release was the introduction of first-person camera mode for players. However, the game release shows that first-person ref perspective is now part of EA FC 24. You can occasionally see the referee change cards from their eyes.


1.3. Gameplay Changes

1.3.1. Haaland’s Stunning Karate Kick Goal


The guy on the cover of EA FC 24 deserved his signature goal-kick animation! EA introduced the epic Haaland’s karate kick goal animation, and the signature movements of famous players are part of the new game. It means that gamers can tell famous players through their movements on the pitch.


1.3.2. Precision Passing


Whether it’s a lob or a through pass, EA FC 24 now has the precision pass feature. The pass shows a line on the pitch that can set the direction of the pass. Let’s see how gamers use the new feature!


1.3. Feature Changes


1.3.1. Introducing Women in FUT


Now gamers can add women players in their ultimate dream team formation. There will be factors such as nationality, league, and club that will affect the team formation. However, it’s up to the player to find the best combination.


1.3.2. Alternate Position Cards (POS)


There are no position modifier cards in FC 24. In the previous versions, we required a position modifier to change a player’s position to any new alternate position.


1.3.3. Addition of Players


Like previous versions, EA will expand its player database to 19000+ players, 700+ teams, and 30+ leagues.


1.4. How to Get the Best Players in FUT


There are many methods to obtain your favorite players in EA FA 24. Here are some of them:

  • Play FUT champions, FUT moments, squad battles, and division rivals. Use the rewards to unlock new players.
  • Complete the daily SBC’s
  • Trade your players based on market value and trend


Apart from the grinding effort to unlock players, users can buy FC 24 accounts on PS5, PC, or Xbox gaming platforms. There are tons of options to choose from. Sellers mention the players in their accounts. If they match the ultimate squad you dream of building, just purchase them. Eldorado is a trusted platform for gaming-related products.




Like always, EA introduces new dynamics like unique player styles, passing mechanics, ultimate team options, and Hypermotion 5. Gamers have given positive feedback on the game, and its all-new unique features, like ad board collision, are giving a spin on the best football game we know.


So leap and get your latest copy of EA FC 24 today!