Jack Grealish Stole the Show With His Iconic Celebrations After Winning the Treble and People Criticising Him Need to Have a Day Off

Manchester City completed the treble after defeating Inter Milan in the Champions League Final 1-0. Pep Guardiola’s men enjoyed wild celebrations since the incredible achievement and there has been one man who’s been front and centre of it all – Jack Grealish. The winger was partying for three days straight after the Sky Blues’ triumph in Istanbul. After the final, Grealish and several City players jetted off to Ibiza before returning to England to participate in an open-top bus parade around Manchester. 


Many supporters and footballers have praised the former Aston Villa man for being the heart and soul of the party and letting loose to celebrate his success after what has been a long season. From dancing in the nightclub at five in the morning, while still in his City kit from the night before, blasting out Fleetwood Mac in the dressing room, Erling Haaland pouring champagne over his head, admitting he had been awake for 72 hours and turning up to the parade in a hi-vis jacket – it’s been brilliant to watch. 


However, not everyone was impressed with the 27-year-old’s entertaining celebrations. He’s been criticised for being a “bad role model” and “unprofessional” for going as wild as he did, considering he was meeting up with the England squad days later. 


Is everyone perfect? Of course not. But after achieving what he did, he’s more than entitled to enjoy himself and celebrate it. He’s a football fan who’s made it at an elite level and is living the dream. He has come under scrutiny from the media since making the switch from Villa to City, but the £100 million footballer looks to have finally settled into Guardiola’s system scoring five goals and 11 assists this season. 


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Grealish is one of the most likable guys in football. It’s refreshing to see someone with a down-to-earth personality who isn’t afraid to be himself. We don’t want footballers to be like robots and feel like they must always walk on eggshells. We sometimes seem to forget that footballers are human beings and will want to have fun like everyone else.


It’s good to see that Grealish has no regrets about his celebrations and isn’t bothered what anyone thinks, he said: “Why not celebrate like that? Everyone was with me. I wasn’t on my own, going out with my friends. I was with the whole team. We enjoyed ourselves on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. I had the best weekend of my life. I’d just won the Champions League and I was so emotional after it.”


The Birmingham-born footballer is well known for his charity work. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he sold one of his Aston Villa shirts for £55,000 and donated the money to the NHS. He’s also said to have donated £150,000 to a local hospital. The Englishman signed up to be an Ambassador for the Special Olympics GB, campaigning for more inclusion in the sport. 


By: Scott Bradley / @ScottBradleyX

Featured Image: @GabFoligno / Adam Davy – PA Images