Round of 16 Fan Preview: Juventus

Two top competitors Juventus and Tottenham Spurs will face off in the round of 16. Juventus are eyeing to make it back to the finals and complete the end to their heroic tale, while the Spurs are aiming to win their first Champions League title.

Both teams have progressed tremendously well over the season, with key wins to add to their stats. Juventus, currently in second place with one-point shy of Napoli, are eyeing that first place spot and a 7th consecutive Scudetto to add to their trophy case. Tottenham currently places 5th in the English Premier League, just shy of the Champions League spots. Though fighting for one of the top four positions in the standings, they hold wins over big clubs such as Liverpool and Manchester United.  

The test for Juventus will be to redeem themselves after the final in Cardiff last year, after falling to Real Madrid 4-1. Tottenham seeks to prove that they are top competitors in the Champions League. The upmost praise must go to the Juventus backline, as they continue to keep clean sheets, allowing only 1 goal in the last 9 league games. The admiration must be delivered to Giorgio Chiellini and Medhi Benatia, as they continuously keep the back line intact.

For the Spurs, we must look at the attack they have been able to create. Scoring 51 goals in 26 matches, Harry Kane, scoring 22 of their goals this season, has proven how dangerous he can be. The artistry has to be given to Christian Eriksen, the man that makes Tottenham tick. His ball movement, creativity, and drive for the game, makes the flow of Tottenham much more threatening. Midfielders Son Heung-Min and Dele Alli add to the depth on the pitch. Both provide such impeccable gameplay. Together they have a combined 13 goals in their 25 appearances. Eriksen, Son, and Dele Alli prove visionary expertise, giving the Spurs a much more prolific attack.

Juventus, however, throw together quite an intimidating attack for themselves. Gonzalo Higuain has scored 13 goals in 22 appearances so far this season. Paulo Dybala has proven himself to be a young capable attribute, securing 14 goals in 19 appearances. However, with Paulo being injured, the Old Lady is still reviewing his injury, with an expected sit out for the 24-year-old. With no fear, Juventus can utilize Federico Bernardeschi and Douglas Costa. Both have secured such outstanding performances, and when used properly, can produce a menacing attack.

This is the first time the two sides will face off in a European competition. Though the Spurs have less experience, that didn’t stop them from beating out both Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund to secure first place in group H. Tottenham is out of the group stages confident and ready to face Juventus, while the Old Lady is hungry for the Champions League trophy, hoping to redeem themselves from last year. It is a crucial match for the Spurs as they look to prove themselves, starting with last year’s finalists. Juventus have the confidence to prove that they deserve the Champions League trophy this year.

The highly anticipated round of 16 begins with Juventus and Tottenham, while FC Basel take on EPL stars Manchester City. The first leg between the two is set to happen on Tuesday, February 13th at 2:45pm EST. The second leg on Wednesday, March 7th at 2:45pm EST.

Writer: Julia Villa/@jjvillz

Photo: rpde