Scoring Big: Exploring the Top Football-Themed Pokies of All Time

5 Best Football-Themed Pokies to Make Your Gambling Experience Better


If you are looking for the finest pokies with a football theme, then we are happy you’re here and would be glad to help. For starters, let’s talk about pokies in general, why football themes are awesome, and what bonuses you may get as an Aussie gambler. And as we speak, we are going to go on and finally get to the recommendations we are ready to share with you.


Why Pokies and not Other Casino Games?


We do not think other casino games aren’t worth your attention, that is what we should state and point out. But we do believe that there are some advantages of pokies that contribute to their success and make gamblers pick slot machines instead of other games. By the way, you can check out many slot reviews at Smart Pokies – they are made by experts and contain true information only.


  1. Pokies are extremely simple when it comes to their functionality, navigation, and rules. For example, if you play a card game, you will definitely need to learn the cards, all rules, and nuances – it takes a bit more time compared to how much effort and time you need when learning a slot’s rules. Moreover, if it’s a simple slot machine, you will only need a minute or two to understand what you should do to play.
  2. Slots are games that come with diverse themes! Of course, other casino games, such as roulette and blackjack, have their variations and different designs but those differences are not that huge. And when you play slots, you can come across many themes, such as sports, luxury life, fruits, animals, gems, detective stories, underwater world, Asian, Ancient Egypt, Mexican, holiday-inspired editions, and more!
  3. Online slot machines also have different extra rounds and bonuses which is always alluring and good to have. For example, the most popular extra feature is Free Spins – this is that time when you get to play some rounds for free and still can win something. Some other pokies’ features include Gamble Game/Risk Game, Pick & Click Game, Bonus Buy, and more stuff such as special symbols like Stacked Wilds, Scatter symbols, Bonus symbols, and others.


Things to Look for When Picking Out an Aussie Football-Themed Pokie Game


If you are looking for a football slot machine online in Australia, you have to understand that there are certain things that need to have your full attention. And those things include checking a football-themed game’s.


  1. Visuals (if you actually like what you see because this is your first impression and it will last during your whole session so it’s important – make sure you love the graphics and sounds);
  2. RTP;
  3. Volatility;
  4. Layout;
  5. Number of paylines;
  6. Extra features and symbols (check the Info and Paytable sections);
  7. Max win;
  8. Buttons (Autoplay, Play, and all the others) and overall navigation.

Football Themed Pokie Games: Who Will Be Thrilled?


If you are wondering why football themes, we are going to tell you. This is a great option for:


  1. Anyone looking for bright and vivid visuals. Usually, football pokies come with vivid visuals because the stadium (which often becomes the background the reels are set against) involves things like a bright green playing field and colourful uniforms. Plus, the sounds are rather loud and this may create an atmosphere of a real stadium which is great for many Aussie players and sports fans.
  2. Sports enthusiasts. Whether you enjoy hockey, are in love with gymnastics, or like baseball, you are into sports. Obviously, right? So, we suppose that you may be interested in taking a closer look at games with a sports theme, even if it’s not your favourite one – “just for fun” never hurts, right?
  3. True football fans. Of course, this is the main target audience when it comes to football-themed pokies! True football fans will be thrilled to play such online slots because they may hear the stadium sounds and fan screams, see their favourite teams and players, become a player or a couch on their own (virtually, of course), and simply dive into their favourite sport world!

5 Finest Football-Themed Pokies to Play in Australia and Have Fun


Finally, we are going to share our recommendations and talk about 5 finest football slots online that any Aussie gambler who’s also a sports enthusiast has to check out!


#1 Spin and Score Megaways by Pragmatic Play


Pragmatic Play created the Spin and Score Megaways pokie in 2022, and now anyone can check it out and play either for free or for real cash. This is a game that every football enthusiast will enjoy playing for sure. The prominent colour of the Spin and Score casino pokie is green, which represents the football field. And actually, you will notice green reels in the foreground – that is exactly where the whole action takes place. Football players serve as the game’s key icons you are supposed to play with. And we should add, as you play the Spin and Score Megaways online game, you’ll hear some great ambient music in the background.


  1. RTP: 96.5%
  2. Volatility: high
  3. Layout: 3-4-4-4-4-3
  4. Number of paylines: 117649
  5. Extra features and symbols: Wild, Scatter, Stacked, Multiplier, Free Spins
  6. Max win: 5000x

#2 Soccermania by BGaming


Soccer is one of the most popular sports ever, and this is an American word and version of what you call football. It includes two 11-player teams battling to see who can score more goals. It is particularly popular in Australia and globally Unsurprisingly, there are many pokie games centred on soccer, and today we are going to include one of them called Soccermania by BGaming. Each character has unique stats such as precision, dribbling ability, and shooting power. Although these statistics have no effect on gameplay, they contribute to a more enjoyable ambience and experience. Of course, the symbols are all soccer-related which is quite expected and natural.


  1. RTP: 96.3%
  2. Volatility: high
  3. Layout: 3×3
  4. Number of paylines: 5
  5. Extra features and symbols: Wild, Multiplier, Bonus Game
  6. Max win: 1039x


#3 Football Star Deluxe by Stormcraft Studios


Microgaming and Stormcraft Studios collaborated to create the Football Star Deluxe slot machine. The game, set against the background of a football field, features four great football players (premium icons) displaying their genuinely impressive talents on the grid. There is also a plethora of other theme-related symbols, from a pair of special football boots and a jersey to a football field and a sports referee – having all of those at your disposal will help you quickly get a sense of the football game. Plus, you’ll totally hear the crowd of sports fans cheering in the distance while the soundtrack is also a wonderful complement to the overall atmosphere.


  1. RTP: 96.88%
  2. Volatility: high
  3. Layout: 5×5
  4. Number of paylines: 88
  5. Extra features and symbols: Wild, Scatter, Stacked, Multiplier, Free Spins
  6. Max win: 


#4 Football Fever by CQ9Gaming


Football Fever is a sports-themed slot by CQ9Gaming, and it is for every gambler who believes that football is an incredible sport that everyone enjoys. The stadium ambience, modern soundtracks, and detailed sportsmen together will totally cheer you up, making the casino game not only enjoyable but also exciting in a sporting sense. If you enjoy football and excitement, make sure to play the Football Fever slot from CQ9Gaming! But keep in mind that this pokie is rather cartoonish, so for example, if you prefer slots that come with more realistic visuals like Spin and Score Megaways does, maybe you will have to go with that one. The decision is all yours.


  1. RTP: 96.08%
  2. Volatility: not established
  3. Layout: 5×3
  4. Number of paylines: 243
  5. Extra features and symbols: Wild, Free Spins, Bonus Buy
  6. Max win: 15000x


#5 Football Champions Cup by NetEnt


As Europe’s greatest players assemble to kick off a spectacular summer of football, the Football: Champions Cup slot machine from NetEnt offers players the ideal opportunity to join the football community and experience the atmosphere of the tournament. Football Champions Cup Slot is an interactive slot, we should say: before you begin the pokie game, you will have a chance to select your flag, which you typically support the most, but if you are unsure which flag to select and go with, you can always opt for the “surprise” box, which will pick out a random flag for you!


  1. RTP: 96.82%
  2. Volatility: medium-high
  3. Layout: 5×3
  4. Number of paylines: 20
  5. Extra features and symbols: Wild, Bonus Game, RTP range, Bonus Game: Pick Objects
  6. Max win: not established




Are there many football-themed pokies to pick from in Australia?


It depends. If you compare them to such popular themes as fruits and gems, then maybe not that many. But in general, there is a nice range of football pokies to choose from.


What are the finest football slots to check out for Aussie gamblers?


We would point out such slots: Spin and Score Megaways, Soccermania, Football Star Deluxe, Football Fever, and Football Champions Cup.

What extra features can you enjoy when playing Australian football pokies?


Bonuses and special features vary from one pokie to another but generally speaking, you can enjoy Bonus Buy, Gamble Game, Pick & Click, Scatter symbols, Wild symbols, Stacked symbols, and more.