Seven Sports Betting Tips for European Football Fans

People all across the globe look forward to the football season, and when it finally comes around, they are eager to put bets on their favourite teams. Football is probably one of the most popular sports worldwide, and the European leagues boast some of the best teams and players. Football games provide quality entertainment for millions of people, and sports betting adds even more excitement to the events. Football sports betting is a huge growing industry. You don’t necessarily have to place your bets in favour of your top teams; being tactical about how you bet can give you a much bigger chance of winning. If you want to improve your betting skills on European football and increase your odds of winning, follow these seven tips.

  • Listen to the Experts

There is a wealth of information online about betting on European football leagues; if you search for tips on the internet, you’ll have thousands of hits and results. These pages will give you an insight into what to look out for and small tricks to help you bet successfully, but some are more credible than others. They may all cover slightly different areas of European football and betting, so you need to look out for the sites that are able to clearly explain tips for your betting options. The best people to get tips from are the experts; those who know all the ins and outs of the odds, betting and teams. Do your research and find the experts that are able to explain things in a way that you understand. Whilst you are not automatically guaranteed a win by listening to the experts, the chances are they have already done their research on the possibilities of the game, so your chances are much higher. 

  • Follow Predictions

To boost your chances of winning even higher, follow and listen to the predictions being made on the game. These predictions have been made by the experts. They have studied and researched the game so that you don’t have to. To make these informed predictions, a number of elements are considered: both teams’ strengths and weaknesses, the ability of each individual players, and how they have played in recent games. If you don’t have time to sit down and analyse all the information or aren’t particularly familiar with the teams you are betting on, following and using the predictions is a top tip for betting on European football. 

  • Don’t Let Your Gut Guide You

Betting is a game of chance. Yes, there are some technicalities that can greatly improve your odds of winning. But at the end of the day, it all relies on luck and things can change in the blink of an eye, which is why you have to use facts rather than your gut. Betting with your heart will greatly reduce your chance of winning. The same kind of approach is needed when playing casino games. There is a lot of luck involved, but there are strategies and techniques that can help improve your chances. It’s the risk and the not knowing that makes gambling so entertaining, and people that bet on sports are usually also fond of online casinos too. If this sounds like a bit of you, head on over to for a list of the top ten online casino sites, complete with ratings, scores and bonus offers. All sites have been personally tried and tested, so you know you are visiting a reputable and secure online casino.

  • Research Betting Markets

Having an understanding of the systems and markets in place can make betting more enjoyable and a much smoother experience. If you want to take sports betting seriously, you need to gain a deep understanding of betting markets so you know exactly how they work. This will help you avoid making any mistakes that could cost you money, but also increase the likelihood of you winning big. The standard market for football betting is match results, meaning you bet on the overall outcome of the game, but there are also many other areas that you can bet on in European football. If you can come to understand more than one in depth, then you have a much greater chance of winning money. 

  • Try Matched Betting

Matched betting is a little less focussed on the game itself, more so about guaranteeing a profitable win. Matched betting has you using the free bets from online bookmakers and betting on all possible outcomes. This ensures that you will win at least one of your bets and make some money. Matched betting is generally done by experienced betters and can be a bit technical if you are just starting out, but can end up being very profitable if you get the hang of it. 

  • Use Credible Bookmakers

As money is involved, you have to be careful. You don’t want to find out later down the line that you’ve been feeding your cash into a website that has actually been taking more than you have been winning. Always make sure you use credible and trustworthy bookmakers. If you have never heard of them, it is generally best to stay clear to protect yourself and your information. It is also good to check the odds across different bookmakers for the same game as they often have slightly different odds that may work better in your favour. 

  • Don’t Be Afraid to Lose

There are only two possible outcomes from betting: you either win or you lose. If you are too scared of losing to even put a bet on in the first place, then maybe sports betting on European football teams isn’t for you. Everyone has to lose a bet at some point, and once you have lost a couple of times it becomes less of a big deal, but don’t let losing put you off placing your first bets on European football and really feel the excitement of the game!

European football leagues are massive and have such a huge following, so there is no wonder sports betting has become so popular. If you are wanting to try your luck and improve your odds, follow these seven tips for betting on European football.