Six Famous Football Players Who Have Become Successful Entrepreneurs

The best footballers in the world can often enjoy the very best of life.  Due to their large weekly salaries, it isn’t uncommon to read about football players driving the very best cars, living in the very best houses or travelling to some of the world’s hottest holiday destinations in luxury. However, a football career can be short with a player needing to maximise what they can earn within a 10 – or 15-year window. 


Often planning for life after football can be difficult, but there are some players who have used the money they have earned on the pitch to launch hugely successful business ventures. In this article we will take a look at six players who have gone on to find further fortune and fame and reveal in the world of business and reveal exactly what these players do now.


1. Lukas Podolski


Lukas Podolski is still currently playing professionally and is turning out for Polish side Gornik Zabrze. Having earned 130 caps for Germany, Podolski has represented some of the world’s biggest clubs in Bayern Munich, Arsenal and Inter Milan. Despite being one of Germany’s most capped players, it’s off the pitch where Podolski has continued to earn a fortune. 


The owner of Ice Cream United, he also owns over 30 kebab shops which are littered throughout Germany. Set to be worth a reported £177 million, Podolski has shown he is just as sharp off the pitch as he has been on it.



2. Mathieu Flamini


Like Podolski, Mathieu Flamini enjoyed a tremendous career where he played for some of Europe’s finest clubs. Known as a grafter on the pitch, Flamini has replicated his famed work effort off the pitch by launching bio-science company, GF Biochemicals.


The developers of a unique levulinic acid which can be used by industries all over the world, Flamini’s company is set to be worth tens of billions. As well as trying to change the bio-science industry, Flamini has also gone into business with former Arsenal teammate Mesut Ozil with the two owning UNITY, an ethically sourced male wellness brand.



3. David Beckham


David Beckham changed the face of football sponsorship. Becoming one of the most commercially attractive football players in history, Beckham has earned enormous wealth through a wide range of sponsorship deals.


Amassing a fortune, Beckham has been sensible with his business acquisitions. Owning DB Ventures Limited alongside his wife Victoria, Beckham latest’s business venture saw him own an MLS franchise, Inter Miami. Having been able to attract the talents of Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez, Inter Miami are the overwhelming favourites for 2024 MLS Cup Glory.



4. Gerard Pique


A former teammate of Lionel Messi is Gerard Pique, and the former Spanish defender is another player who has grown a successful business empire away from the game.  Through his enterprise Kosmos Holding Limited, Pique owns a raft of different football teams, has invested in professional tennis and has interests in professional pickleball leagues.


Pique is also a keen poker player and has cashed out at several events which have been hosted by the European Poker Tour.  Pique isn’t just the only player to have a keen an interest in poker with the likes of Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo and Gigi Buffon all having been sponsored by famous gambling online slots websites.



5. Louis Saha


Louis Saha enjoyed a tremendous career where he represented famous clubs such as Everton, Tottenham and Manchester United. Despite his goal scoring exploits, Saha was clearly ahead of the curve and had given clear thought to what life beyond the white lines would look like.


With wealth in the game growing, Saha was keen to help out younger players in an effort to help them avoid the financial pitfalls that being a professional footballer can bring. His company Axis Stars provides lawyers who can look over contracts and his company can put young players in touch with professional and trustworthy agents. As well as football, several promising young sportsmen and women across sports like tennis, athletics and American Football can all access his range of fantastic services.



6. Robbie Fowler


Robbie Fowler had a famous nose for goal, but it just wasn’t in front of goal where Fowler developed a knack for scoring. Getting into property early in his career, Fowler has now amassed a property empire and has well over 100 homes and apartments under his ownership.


Having developed a vast property portfolio, Fowler also offers property development tutorials starting at £1,000 per head.