Soccer and the Technology Behind Online Sports Betting

Sports betting has been in existence for a long time, dating back to the days when people would bet on races during traditional ceremonies. It went on to experience some significant growth following the launch of brick & mortar casinos. People would visit these casinos to place wagers on different sporting events. 


The advent of the internet then provided the biggest leap, making betting one of the fastest-growing ventures of our time. It created new opportunities for punters and made it easier, and more convenient to bet. It has been quite a journey, and online soccer betting is arguably among the top revenue generators across multiple economies in the world. But what is the technology behind online sports betting?


Mobile Betting


Incorporating mobile technology into sports betting will go down as the most significant step in the industry. Physical casinos were and remain great institutions. However, they are so limiting and call for individuals to be present at particular locations to make wagers.


Mobile betting can be done swiftly via a smartphone right from wherever you are. Top betting brands continue to develop mobile-friendly features to accommodate inflating numbers of bettors. A good example is the Betway app that allows you to bet on the go.


Virtual Reality


The thrill of playing virtual games is here with us. Even long before the Covid-19 pandemic, virtual games had started getting into the mainstream. Virtual Reality is the technology behind betting sites opting to take a different dimension. VR allows players to enjoy various sporting events through special Virtual reality headsets. 


It is now easy for bookmakers to schedule stimulated events with revised regulations. For those looking for extra excitement beyond what ordinary games offer, VR provides some spectacular graphics that get players immersed in a totally different kind of adventure.


Blockchain Technology


Blockchain technology is not a topic only discussed on the betting and casino fronts, but across several other sectors. The birth of cryptocurrency brought about a new way of doing business. It is now becoming one of the main modes of payment, adopted by several betting companies globally. The number of crypto casinos is also on the increase. This follows assertions that blockchain technology is safe and secure for users.


Fast, Secure Online Payment Options


There was a time when casinos were associated with all forms of evil – fraud, money laundering, and all sorts of nasty things. With the rise of online sports betting, user safety and security have been prioritized. Different companies use sophisticated technology to encrypt data, making it nearly impossible to decode customer details. Today there are several convenient modes of making payment to your online wallet.


Live Streaming


Another great innovation to take betting by storm is live betting. It allows you to watch sports events live from the sportsbook’s website, which in turn helps punters to place high-quality wagers based on live events and statistics. Fans who bet with the Betway in-play betting option find it a more viable option as they can draw their decisions from live events.


In a nutshell, it is a new dawn in sports betting, all thanks to the innovations that continue to drop in the more extensive gambling and casino industry. Improved user experience means a lot, but in the end, the ability to make betting a rewarding venture is what counts.


By: Regina Muratov

Featured Image: @GabFoligno / Freepik / Drobotdean