The 10 Most Valuable Teams in the Europa League 2021-22

The 16 teams that will play the European League 2021-22 round of 16 are already defined. Barcelona was eliminated from the Champions League, but managed to qualify for the Round of 16 of the Europa League. Currently leads the ranking of the most valuable of the tournament, followed by Dortmund and Napoli.


Of all the most valuable teams in the Europa League, three (3) are from the Bundesliga (Germany), three (3) are from La Liga (Spain), two (2) are from Serie A (Italy), one is from Ligue 1 (Monaco) and the other from the Premier League (England). 


If you want to have a more engaging experience in sports, You can have the most fun betting on football leagues. To help you make educated guesses we reviewed the 10 most valuable teams of the Europa League 2021-22 season.


Barcelona (Є659M)


Futbol Club Barcelona heads the Top 10 of the most valuable clubs of the Europa League 2021-22, its market value according to Transfermarkt amounts to 659 million euros. The club will face Naples in the round-trip matches of the European championship; the games for the qualification in the Round of 16 are scheduled on 17 and 24 February 2022.


The ‘Blaugrana’ team has never won UEFA since its founding in the 1971-72 season, although it has participated in 10 seasons and played 77 matches. They were eliminated four times in the semifinals against Liverpool (1975-76 and 2000-01), PSV (1977-78) and Bayern of Munich (1995-96), the team that eliminated them was four-time champion of the tournament.


Borussia Dortmund (Є604M)


Dortmund occupies the second place in the ranking of the most valuable in the Europa League, and is quoted at an amount of 604 million euros. The German team will dispute its passage to the round of 16 with the Rangers of Talca on February 17 and 24, 2022. The Germans have been runners-up in two seasons (1992-93, 2001-02) of the tournament.


Napoli (Є519M)


The legendary Italian club, Naples, won the tournament when it was known as the UEFA Cup, in the 1988-89 season. The team currently has a market value of 519 million euros. They will have Barcelona as a rival during the Round of 16 to be played on 17 and 24 February 2022.


Leipzig (Є498M) 


The current market price of Leipzig is estimated at 498 million euros. The team of the ‘Red Bull brand will compete in the Round of 16 of the Europa League against the Spanish club Real Sociedad on 17 and 24 February 2022. The team commanded by Domenico Tedesco has never competed in a final of this European championship.


Sevilla (Є416M)


The value of the Spanish club Sevilla is quoted at 416 million euros. ‘Palanganas’ will fight against Dinamo Zagreb on 17 and 24 February 2022 to advance in the competition for the title of Europa League champion. Sevilla has the record for victories in the Europa League, with six titles in the 2005-06, 2006-07, 2013-14, 2014-15, 2015-16, 2019-20 seasons.


Atalanta (Є415M)


Atalanta has a market cost of 415 million euros, after the draw of the Round of 16 the club will face Olympiacos to move to the next phase on 17 and 24 February 2022. The Atalanta team has never won the Europa League in previous years.

Leverkusen (Є387M)


The Bundesliga team, Leverkusen, is valued at 387 million euros. The Germans secured their direct entry into the round of 16 of the European Football League and will have an advantage over those who will have to qualify in the Round of 16. Until today the team has won a single edition of the Europa League in the 1987-88 season, formerly known as the UEFA Cup.

Real Sociedad (Є387 M)


The club Real Sociedad is listed at a value of 387 million euros. The team led by Imanol Alguacil played two games before moving on to the next round. RB Leipzig is the rival to be defeated on 17 and 24 February 2022. Until now Real Sociedad has not been crowned champion in this sporting event.


Monaco (Є368 M)


According to data published by Transfermarkt Monaco has a value of 638 million euros. Club Monaco is one of the eight champions classified directly to the round of 16. Monaco has also not played a Europa League final.

West Ham (Є354 M)


West Ham is valued at 354 million euros. Like other clubs such as Monaco and Leverkusen, the ‘Hammers’ ranked first in the elimination table which means they qualify directly. The club has never reached the final of the Europa League. 


The main bookmakers already place Barcelona and Borussia de Dortmund as top contenders for the Europa League title. The two most valuable teams in the event are the favorites in the betting, While the German squad is the main favorite before Barcelona.


By: Roman Gersh

Featured Image: Soccrates Images – Getty Images