The Biggest Football Betting Wins of All Time

Football has always been a source of excitement and thrills, not just for the players on the pitch but for fans and bettors alike. The beauty of football betting is that one can turn a small wager into a substantial sum with a bit of luck and a lot of knowledge like a list of Visa bookmakers. You can check our article about the best online casinos with no wagering requirements to make your future bets as profitable as the ones mentioned below.


With the advent of online betting shops, more and more punters are trying to turn their passion for football into fruition through offshore sports betting sites. Some punters are obviously luckier than others and have pocketed exceptional gains thanks to this activity. This article will reveal some of the biggest betting wins in football history, where punters hit the jackpot and took home life-changing amounts of money. So, let’s get started:


10. The Mali Miracle—£5,000: A punter’s luck


A hopeful gambler took a leap of faith with a £5 100-1 bet on Mali’s historic comeback against Angola in the 2010 African Cup of Nations. Despite facing a four-goal deficit with only 11 minutes left on the clock, Mali pulled off one of the most memorable comebacks in sports history, and the lucky bettor walked away with a £5,000 payout.


9. Mick Tunnicliffe £10,000—Play it long and hope for the best


Mick Tunnicliffe placed a £100 bet in 2002 that his 9-year-old son would play for Manchester United. Ten years later, he won £10,000 when Ryan made his debut for the Red Devils, potentially winning an additional £35,000 if Ryan ever plays for England.


8. Adrian Hayward—£25,000: A dream finally came true


Adrian Hayward’s dreams paid off big time in 2006 when he won £25,000 after dreaming of Xavi Alonso scoring a goal from inside his own half. He placed a £200 bet at 125-1, and six months later, Alonso hit the net, sending Hayward into a frenzy.


7. Steve Sales—£60,000: The unemployed wonder’s winning wager


Despite knowing nothing about soccer, Londoner Steve Sales placed a £1.4 bet on the second round of the Scottish League Cup. Steve wagered that three teams (Inverness, Dundee, and Ross Country) would win their matches with a final score of 7-0. To everyone’s surprise, all three teams won exactly as Steve had predicted, leading to a £60,000 payout for the unemployed wonder.


6. Rory Lewis—£100,000: The Scottish Cup іcalper’s spectacular score


Rory Lewis upped the ante with a £100 accumulator bet, correctly predicting that four non-league teams would win the first round of the Scottish Cup and that the winning team would secure a victory by four goals or more. After the final match ended with a score of nine to one, Lewis scored a £100,000 jackpot, proving that sometimes taking a chance can lead to great reward.


5. Peter Edwards £125,000—A family stays together & wins together


Peter Edwards shed a tear in 2013 when his grandson Harry Wilson made his Welsh debut, not only because he was the nation’s youngest ever player but also because 15 years prior, Peter had wagered £50 on Harry’s future and pocketed £125k as a result.


4. Globe-Trotting Luck—£180,000: The Champions League victory


In 2016, a savvy bettor celebrated a 94th-minute goal by La Liga’s EI like it was the Champions League victory, earning him a whopping £180k from a £1 accumulator wager that spanned the globe. Despite odds of 180,000-1, this restaurant worker defied all odds and won big.


3. Brian Matthews—£112,500: The Wolves’ winning wager


A fan of the Wolves, Brian Matthews, cashed in on a wager without picking a winner. Instead, he bet £15 that every team that played across a 15-match run would score at least one point. Despite the odds against him, Brian’s bold bet paid off when Marten de Ron scored a goal against Manchester City during injury time in the last-round match. Brian’s fortitude was rewarded with a whopping £112,500 win, showing that sometimes taking a chance can pay off in the game of betting.


2. Mick Gibbs—£500,000: The impossible bet that paid off


Mick Gibbs, a roofer and sports betting enthusiast, made a daring accumulator bet in 2001. Despite the odds of 1,666,666 to one against him, Mick bet 30p on the outcome of 15 events, including correctly predicting the top five teams in the English League and the results of rugby and cricket matches. When FC Bayern Munich won the Champions League, Mick’s bet paid off, netting him a £500,000 jackpot.


1. Daman Chick—£1 million: A million-pound bet on a single goal


Daman Chick, a kitchen fitter from England, placed a £5 bet on the outcome of the Euro 2016 final. Bravely predicting the scorer and the exact minute of the winning goal, Daman’s bet paid off when Portuguese player Eder scored in the 109th minute. Although he didn’t realize he had won until three days later, Daman’s bravery earned him a £1 million payout.

Ending Thoughts


These betting wins serve as a testament to the unpredictability and excitement of football. While it is always essential to gamble responsibly, the thrill of potentially striking it big is alluring. Whether it was through expert analysis, a lucky hunch, or a combination of both, these punters will always be remembered for their incredible wins. Remember that on Casinority you will find casinos that accept Apple Pay to make your bets more convenient and safe. And who knows, maybe one day we’ll be adding your new name to this list of football betting legends.