The Magician Miralem Pjanić

Bosnian Miralem Pjanić is one of the most decorated midfielders in the world. He is a playmaker on the pitch, with the control of the game at his feet. He has the freedom to make the game his own, and that’s exactly why he is the artist of Juventus.

There hasn’t been such a versatile player controlling the middle since Andrea Pirlo. That’s exactly why fans relate him so closely to the style of Andrea. One of the Italian greats Fabio Capello had noted that Pjanic was the only player who reminded him of Pirlo, calling him Andrea’s true heir.

Former Lyon and Roma player, Miralem has developed his game further than any attacking midfielder to have played for Juventus. The 27-year-old made his transfer move from Rome to Turin two summers ago after the Bianconeri triggered the €32 million release clause.

The Bosnian’s breakout year happened quickly and he is currently known as one of the best attacking midfielders to play the game. In his first season with Juventus, he progressed extremely well, beside the German brilliance of Sami Khedira. Add Blaise Matuidi to that duo and you have the unstoppable trio.

Miralem is always one step ahead of the opposition. With 4 goals, 8 assists, and 37 chances created so far this season, he is continuously growing and adapting to all circumstances, “at a top club you always improve, and I am in a very top club where I work daily with incredible people.” Pjanić is a man that understands the true essence of playing for a club like Juventus. There is an ingrained meaning that few players come to fully appreciate, but Miralem is one who appreciates what Juventus has given him. He is tactical, confident, creative, and most importantly grateful for all that the Bianconeri has pushed him to become.

With the new arrivals coming in last summer, he was extremely happy and welcoming toward Federico Bernardeschi and Douglas Costa. Though he was happy for them to join the club, he ensured them that starting out at Juventus is tricky and their time will come, “we told the new arrivals to stay calm and their quality will help us win many more trophies.” He has a leader’s mentality and is always pushing for Juventus to become better.

Throughout his entire game, there is one aspect that deserves to be mentioned over and over again; his free-kick ability. Miralem Pjanić is the free-kick king. His form is so perfect that it’s hard to stop the Bosnian, “for the perfect free-kick, you need technique and a bit of sneakiness, because you’re playing with the goalkeeper.” Fans have related his free-kicks to that of teammate Paulo Dybala, but there’s simply nothing like a Pjanić free-kick, and while Paulo is improving, he still isn’t at that level. Miralem is not only efficient, but consistent, taking a substantial amount of responsibility each and every time he lines the ball up, “everyone watches you, all the cameras are on your free-kick.” He is one who finds joy in all the pressure, making it that much more enjoyable to watch him.

The ex-Roman made his name known in Rome, but brought his talent alive in Turin. He is destined to develop even further and help Juventus win trophies, something he failed to do with Roma. His first season at Juventus brought him a Serie A title, a Coppa Italia, and his first UEFA Champions League final. The 27-year-old is a magician, always looking for ways to be creative and to contribute. His defensive abilities are always under looked because he creates so much going forward, but he does a substantial amount defensively, assisting all over the pitch.

The Bosnian magician Miralem Pjanić is a gift to the game of football on and off the field. His progression with the Bianconeri has shed light further onto his name, and fans hope to see him become a true Juventus legend, just as he does, “I want my name to be remembered. I have made real steps forward since I came to Juve and there’s a long career ahead of me, so I want to keep getting better.” Every game he plays, he gives all that he has, leaving everything out on the pitch. You can argue the facts and numbers, and try to compare him to any other attacking midfielder, but unlike others, when Miralem Pjanić steps on the pitch, it is nothing short of a miracle.

Writer: Julia Villa

Photo: Juventus FC