The Main Sponsors at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

The 2022 FIFA World Cup taking place at the end of this year is not only the biggest football event on the planet but also a place for sponsors to take advantage of and take advantage of opportunities to promote their brands to the world.


Any business needs to promote its reputation and credibility, and only through the World Cup – an event of worldwide interest, can businesses bring into full play their influence. surname. This is also a good opportunity for online sports bookmakers like sports betting Zambia to bring their name closer to international football fans. At this year’s World Cup, which brands were honored to be the main sponsors? Let’s find out in this article.




Hisense is no stranger to world-class football tournaments. They used to be the tycoon behind big tournaments like Euro Cup 2016, World Cup 2018 and most recently Euro Cup 2020. Hisense doesn’t seem to be telling him to give up any big football-related tournament. Hisense is a corporation that focuses on investing and developing technology, with the aim of enhancing the user experience in all aspects of life.


Hisense’s presence as the main sponsor of the 2022 World Cup has once again expanded the influence of this brand to all continents. For FIFA, Hisense is the golden sponsor, the most prestigious sponsor and the most long-term commitment to world football.


Sponsoring the World Cup, Hisense also received great benefits, including increasing awareness in European countries, with brand promotion and global campaigns, Hisense has now become one of the most popular brands in the world. become the most loved technology and electronics brand in the UK, France, Russia, Japan and Spain. is the second gold sponsor of the 2022 World Cup, although in Qatar, cryptocurrency is still scrutinized and banned, but still won a sponsorship for the biggest tournament on the planet, this is enough to demonstrate how amazing the potential and growth of cryptocurrencies is.


Going beyond the ban and restriction from the host country Qatar, still officially cooperates with FIFA to promote the power of billions of money to the world. The presence of also helps young businesses have more confidence in investing in big events to increase their credibility.




BYJU’S is the first company in the history of India to have the honor of becoming the official sponsor of the 2022 World Cup, this is the great pride of the Indian people when their brand is spread out. all over the world.


BYJU’S is an education company, with a presence at this year’s World Cup, BYJU’S will bring a breath of fresh air to this prestigious football tournament by creating useful educational content for fans. youth through the media, thereby creating a bridge between education and sports, contributing to increasing the connection between people and people.


Sponsors of the 2022 World Cup may have to spend a lot of money to invest in this tournament, but the fame and prestige they receive back is more than what they have to spend. This is enough to prove how competitive it is to become a sponsor for the 2022 World Cup.