The Most Common Blackjack Mistakes Players Make

Blackjack is such an exciting game that it’s no wonder that people can easily make mistakes. You can find yourself getting lost in the excitement and not thinking properly and that can lead to significant losses. Sometimes what you need is a good a knockout post such as this one to set things straight so you don’t end up losing way too much money.


Always split cards that are 10 in value


Let’s say you have two kings; you should split those cards. You always want to have the most money on the table as possible. Sure, you stand a better chance of winning the hand if you stand, but in the long run, you’ll come out much more ahead if you split your hand.


The logic is pretty simple, and it is that if you have more money on the table, the higher the chances are that you’ll win. You especially want to split any hand that equals 10’s if the dealer is showing a six. If they’re showing a six, they’ll have to hit if they don’t have an ace as their other card. If they have to hit, the chances of them busting become much higher.


As a side note, you should always split aces as well. If you split the aces, you stand a better chance of hitting blackjack. There’s no upside to not splitting aces until you don’t have the money to cover the bet. So, if you’re dealt aces, split those cards up and hope for a double blackjack for an even bigger payday.


Never get insurance, no matter how much you’re ahead


It’s easy to get caught up in all of the winnings to make a stupid mistake like getting insurance. Getting insurance is like giving the casino extra money. The casino doesn’t need your money because they have plenty of other blackjack players making similar mistakes. Any time you give the house more of an advantage over you, it always spells disasters for your bankroll.


Always reject insurance when it’s offered to you. The house offers insurance because there’s an advantage to them. They will come out ahead in the long run if you consistently buy insurance. You’ll never be protected enough in the long run to make it pay off if you buy insurance. So, with that said, politely refuse the insurance or, at the very best, click no and move on.


Don’t play at more than one table at a time


Some casinos will allow you to play at several blackjack tables at one time. It probably sounds like a really good idea to play as many tables as possible so you can increase your earnings, but it really isn’t. You will find yourself constantly getting confused and distracted, which will cause you to make poor decisions.


If you find that playing just one hand is boring, you can play a slot machine or something else in another window if it’s not too much of a distraction. You must always be focused while you’re playing and not let yourself get too distracted. It’s easy to find yourself worrying about one too many hands if you have several windows open, and that’s when you’ll make mistakes that you otherwise would have avoided.


Changing your bet size has no impact on the game


You’ve probably heard some people say if you increase or decrease your bet size that it will throw off the online casino’s algorithm and it will bring an end to your losing streak. There’s no truth to that at all and it will cause you to lose your money more quickly. Increasing your bet won’t change a single thing other than how fast your bankroll goes down if you’re on a losing streak.


If you want to consistently win at blackjack, the best thing to do is always bet the same amount each time. There’s no benefit to changing your bet, and you won’t earn more money because of it. No matter what you read on social media or in forums, changing your betting pattern won’t break a losing streak.


The real winners are the ones who play for fun


Sure, you can win a boatload of money while playing blackjack. There are even people who do nothing all day long but play blackjack online. However, the average person will be lucky to break even. That’s why when you’re playing blackjack, the first thing you should always make sure of is that you’re having fun. If you’re having a good time, you’ll always be a winner, no matter how the cards are dealt.