The Most Shocking Football Results of All Time

Football is one of the most popular and thrilling sports in history. Those 90 minutes of playtime could separate two rivals from achieving immense glory in a contest like the UEFA Champions League. While several factors, including weather and venue, influence a game’s outcome, some matches go south. In this article, we will review some of these fixtures. Without further ado, let’s get straight into it. 


Brazil 1-7 Germany – World Cup Semi-Final, 9th July 2014 


The World Cup is the pinnacle of football events, and teams that have won this accolade know the feeling is unmatched. In this showdown that witnessed Germany thrash the hosts, Brazil, 7 goals to 1, the sports scene was in a frenzy.


With over 35.6 million tweets on this event, you’d have to feel the sting as a Brazil supporter. Germany was so good that they scored four goals in ten minutes at some point in the game. This managed to win over fans from the losing team, who started cheering for their thrashers.


During analysis, various pundits and fans predicted the game would favor Germany, but not with such a lead. If you’re a wagering enthusiast, you can get into the action during the upcoming 2026 World Cup Qualification matches on bet Malawi.


Man United 8-2 Arsenal (2011)


If you are a fan of the Red Devils, you must be aware of the dominance they displayed during this period. We all expected Manchester United to win during this fixture, but not with an 8-goal lead. 


Arsenal had just doomed themselves that summer when they sold two vital players, Samir Nasri and Cesc Fabregas, and were reaping the consequences. Despite having few corners and an almost equal chance at finding the back of the net, Manchester United was extremely clinical and gave Arsenal a thorough whooping. This match would spew a rivalry so intense that it rattled the EPL to date.


Barcelona 5-0 Real Madrid (2010)


Few teams can boast of the shiny accolades and achievements of Real Madrid. However, despite beating several rivals, their most detested rivals must be Barcelona. In 2005, Ronaldinho delivered a hat trick at the Bernabeu on behalf of the rivals, saddening Real Madrid fans.


However, despite this beating, a severe infliction was conducted in 2010 when Real conceded 5 goals. This game went to dethrone Jose Mourinho’s unbeaten squad from the top of the table. 


Man City 1-3 Leicester (2016)


The year 2016 was quite a year for Leicester City. They were at the top of the table when this match was played. Many people assumed this was just a lucky streak and that the current Manchester City would be the team to snuff out their hopes of being crowned champions. 


This, however, wasn’t the case when Leicester visited the Etihad; their performance was simply stellar. Some players who found the back of the net include Robert Huth and the speedster Riyad Mahrez. If you are a wagering fan who bet in City’s favor, you would have shared in the anguish. Sites like Betway allow you to wager on several games. 


Final Thoughts


Football is a wild game riddled with emotions. We have witnessed several great matches, but the ones mentioned above exceeded the bar. Stunning performances ensured we witnessed massive goal leads and unexpected results.