The Underrated Force Of Romelu Lukaku

Although Belgian forward Romelu Lukaku has commanded eye-watering fees throughout his career, many still underrate him. If you combine all the fees clubs have paid for the talismanic poacher, you’d be looking at a sum exceeding £250 million. But, of course, a player like this doesn’t command such a large amount of cash if he hasn’t the statistics and skillset to back it up.


However, if you were to take to social media to see how many football fans view Lukaku, there is a significant minority who do not rate him. During his time at Manchester United especially, he was subject to substantial vitriol regarding his performance, lack of consistency, and failure to score basic chances. One Twitter user said Lukaku “played like he was wearing jeans.”


Although this was meant as an inventive and witty remark regarding his cumbersome presence on the pitch, it was a sentiment mirrored by many United fans at the time, completely ignoring the fact he scored 28 goals in 66 games, which is a solid strike rate considering the disarray Manchester United were in at the time, in hindsight, it looks like he wasn’t given a fair chance to prove himself at Old Trafford. 


Inter Milan


Lukaku isn’t necessarily out of favor at Inter Milan, but he is on loan from Chelsea after they forked out £97 million for him in 2021. While some Chelsea fans consider Lukaku a flop, Chelsea is a club in complete turmoil, and no manager or player could go there at the moment and change their fortune by the looks of things. So Romelu is set to leave, and the sports betting companies have Inter Milan as the most likely next destination. 


Gambling companies are often a reputable indicator of how a transfer will play out. Digital gambling companies use all the latest technology, reputable news sources, algorithms, and market betting to establish the correct odds. It’s not just football gambling where sophisticated technology is apparent; it is also a prominent feature of online casino games.


By ensuring the best technology is used across various gambling markets, gamblers can get the fairest prices and place their bets instantly. Although not many people will have placed a wager on them to reach the final, the Italians overcame adversity to reach the final against Man City. Lukaku played a role in making that happen.


Lukaku At Everton


When the Belgian signed for Everton, he made the switch for a club-record fee at the time. However, Everton has since surpassed that figure on several occasions bringing in players and failed managers who have caused them to freefall down the Premier League. 


However, back in 2014, the atmosphere at Goodison was a lot more upbeat and optimistic, with a lot more clarity than the current circus act that’s going on at the Merseyside club. At Everton, the Belgian’s all-time top goalscorer established the first of two working relationships he has cultivated with his former international coach Roberto Martinez, which has been highly successful, despite the golden generation’s relatively poor showing at the 2022 World Cup.


Many believe this was the best version of Romelu; he had a perfect balance of strength, speed, and an incredible striker’s instinct. However, after he left Everton and went to Manchester United, his physique became a lot more muscular, and this removed some of the speed and agility that caused him to strike fear into defenders. His three seasons in Merseyside perfectly showcased how much talent there is when he is managed correctly and fully utilizes his skills, and this is the main argument behind why he is still so underrated.


Lukaku has been around a lot longer, but he is still only 30 years of age, and you’d think that he still has a lot more to offer in his career. Suppose he returns to the San Siro after a poor stint at a chaotic Chelsea and rekindles some of the forms which inspired Thomas Tuchel, the then-Chelsea boss, to spend nearly £100 million to obtain his services. In that case, you’d suspect the footballing world might change its tune on the big Belgian. 


Either way, this story isn’t over, but if Romelu retires tomorrow, he has many fantastic personal records and has a Serie A winners medal in his trophy cabinet. So while he may not have lived up to his original, explosive promise, this doesn’t mean that the pendulum has swung the other way, and he is damaged goods. 


Football fans are fickle, and enjoy dishing out tactical advice on social media, when they still need to get a modicum of understanding about how high-level professional football works. It’s surprising how quickly they’ll change their opinion on a player, and we suspect Romelu will silence a few more doubters before his career is said and done.


Despite not holding down a regular place in the current Inter Milan squad, he is up against formidable competition, and he’s in a team that has managed to reach the most significant club game in European football.