These Football Leagues Receive The Highest Viewership

When it comes to sport, football is very likely the most watched sport across the entire world. That’s evident when you see so many people coming into stadiums to watch football, as well as thousands of people watching at home via live broadcasts and now live streams as well. With over 200 countries playing it as a major sport, it’s easy to see why so many people are watching.


This is especially true with the introduction of online betting, as people will be watching football matches as they bet online. This way, they can keep up with the game and bet as the action happens. Sites like Ivea show that the majority of the major bookmakers offer live streaming for most of the world’s football leagues including the EPL, La Liga and Bundesliga.


It never has been easier to watch the games you want to see, so which leagues are getting the most viewership right now?


Premier League


Right now, the Premier League is considered to be the highest viewed league across the entire sport right now. It’s easy to understand why when so many notable clubs are competing within the league. That includes clubs like Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal FC, Chelsea FC, and more. 


The current number show that the league gets an attendance of 38,181 people, with 643 million people watching live broadcasts per match. In fact, the league has a worldwide TV audience of over 3.2 billion people.

La Liga


La Liga is home to some of the biggest names in football, including Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. When it comes to success though, Los Blancos are the most successful team in the league, having won it 34 times. They are currently the second most watched league in the world, getting 76 million viewers per game last season.


Chinese Super League


Currently, the Chinese Super League enjoys around 700 million viewers through broadcast, as of 2019. They are considered to be the best league in Asia, with 18 teams under it. Right now, Guangzhou has the most championships in the league’s 18 year history. 


The most intense competitions are known as Shanghai Derbies, when the three Shanghai based clubs are competing.


Ligue 1


Currently, this league is one of the most watched leagues in the world right now, with the average attendance at 22,484 Max, as well as 10.5 million viewers through live streams and broadcast across the world.


This league of rather famous for being dominated by the Paris SaintGermain team, thanks to their financial might. This is especially true after the league was taken over by wealthier owners, making the competition a lot tougher for the other teams in the league.


Before this takeover, the competition used to be very unpredictable. As Saint Etienne has 10 league titles, and PSG and Olympique de Marseille have 9 each.




Bundesliga is the top football league in Germany, having been founded in 1963 and becoming known as the most fan-friendly league in the world. This is thanks to the big stadiums and affordable ticket prices that they offer fans. Bayern Munich is the most successful team in the league right now, with 31 championships. 


When play could resume after the COVID enforced break, 6 million fans tuned in in May 2020, which set a new record for the league.


Liga Apertura


When it comes to North American football, this league has the strongest competition. The teams competing in this league have a closer resemblance to the Spanish and Brazilian styles of play. Right now, they have seen a large rise in TV viewership in particular, with 3.7 million households overall watching this league’s matches. The average stadium attendance is 25,557 people


Currently, Club America are the top title winners with 13 overall wins, with CD Cruz Azul being the defending champions. 


Serie A


This is the Italian league system, and it encompasses a large range of top football clubs, including the likes of AC Milan, Inter Milan, Juventus, and others too. At time of writing, Juventus are the most successful champions with 36 wins under their belts. However, it is Napoli are the current title holders. 


Right now, they are getting 24.7 thousand average viewers in their stadiums, and they get over 2 million viewers via broadcast. This has been noted to rise while Cristiano Ronaldo was playing in the competition.


Major League Soccer


While you may not think of America when it comes to football, there is still a highly successful league to keep an eye on here. Currently, 2 million viewers watch each match available here, making them one of the top watched leagues in the world.


These are some of the top viewed leagues around the world, showing just how popular football is no matter what country fans are based in. Even the more recently created football leagues are getting high viewership, which shows just how much people enjoy the sports around the world.