Tips to Give You an Edge When Betting on College Football

In American sports, football is king. Well, professional football is king. Not far behind, however, is college football. The university sport has since grown to become a billion-dollar industry, with diehard fans backing just about every program. It should be no surprise that college football is also one of the most popular sports to bet on as well. Whether you are a college fan or not, it helps to know a few basic tips before getting involved in college football betting.


Shop the Lines


When it comes to Arizona betting, or anywhere else, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to shop the lines. If you’re not sure what that means, the lines refer to the point spread attached to any college football game. The spread is how much a team must win or lose by in order to cash the bet.


Not all sportsbooks are the same and some have better, more profitable odds than others. By shopping for odds, you can find those differences and get better value than you would have otherwise. Those percentage points might not seem like much but they can add up in the end.


Watch the Rivalry Games


Rivalries are a huge part of college football, especially when it comes to betting. Even if the game is between two mismatched teams – a top-ranked team and an also-ran – the fact that they are rivals can change the entire dynamic of the game. There is nothing more satisfying than beating a rival even in the midst of an awful season.


There are plenty of rivalry games happening every year, and they present the chance for a tight game or an outright upset. Watch those rivalry games, as well as the recent performances of each team, and you may be able to find value that would not have otherwise been there.

Check Out the Trends

Though this is a tougher thing to do at the beginning of the year, trends can tell you which way to place your bet. For instance, you might find out that a team that has been a double-digit underdog is 10-2 against the spread in those situations. The line doesn’t necessarily tell you everything that you need to know about a game.


There are plenty of trends to keep an eye on. There are general trends like ATS and over/under, but there are also trends that extend to playing conference foes and rivals as well. Do your homework and you should be able to unearth something that gives you a bit more information to work with. The more knowledge you have going in, the better off you will be.


Pay Attention to the Injury Report


There are any number of factors that can play a role in how the game turns out. If the weather calls for rain or snow, then high-flying offenses tend to be grounded. The same goes for the injury report. Teams are obviously better when their top players are in the lineup.


If you check the injury report and notice that an essential player will be out of the lineup, it could change the odds if not sway the outcome of the game. Injury reports will oftentimes change throughout the week, so keep close tabs. It may be announced last minute that an important player won’t suit up, which can and should change your betting strategy drastically. Even if it doesn’t result in a loss for that team, it might make something like covering the spread a lot more difficult to do.