Top 10 Football Legends of All Time

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. This game is played in almost every region with some minor changes in the rules and gameplay. The history of football is quite interesting, and there are many popular names in this game that will be remembered forever. Football enthusiasts want to know every little detail about their favorite football legends.


Top 10 Football Players


This list is going to discuss 10 all-time best players that we find worth mentioning. We have analyzed the game performance and social media following of these players. With millions of social media and real-life followers, these legendary footballers have earned huge respect and fame in their careers.


Pele- Brazil


If you ask any football fan about the best player in the entire football world, he is more likely to name Pele as the best player. His career is full of great performances and countless winning matches. Goal scoring capabilities of Pele seem out of this ordinary world.


Diego Maradona – Argentina


Dribbling King Maradona is known in the football universe for his exceptional vision. He was more than just a normal footballer; he was an artist on the football field. Argentina won the World Cup in 1986, and Maradona is the reason behind that win.


Lionel Messi – Argentina


In this modern age, who does not know Messi? He is among the most popular and most successful footballers in different player rankings. With millions of social media fans, he is ruling social media, too, apart from winning several individual awards. He has been playing for Barcelona, and he led the club to many local and international victories. If you follow him on social media channels, you will see him living the ideal celebrity life. Here are some popular, friendly awards won by Messi in his career:


  • Joan Gamper Trophy
  • Ramón de Carranza Trophy
  • Franz Beckenbauer Cup
  • Tournoi de Paris
  • Summer of Champions’ Cup
  • International Champions Cup
  • Nelson Mandela Trophy


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Cristiano Ronaldo – Portugal


Here comes the most popular footballer of 2023. Ronaldo has been among the top goal-scorers for quite a long time, and he has won many other awards too. Almost every modern football fan labels him the greatest player of this era.


Johan Cruyff – Netherlands


There are only a few players who are known for their exceptional gameplay style. Johan’s technical knowledge made him one of the most popular players of all time. He has also won the Ballon d’Or awards.


Franz Beckenbauer – Germany


Franz was an authentic footballer with a true vision of the game. He not only won the World Cup as a player but also led his team to victory as manager. His skills are exceptional, and he has proven himself at different times.


Zinedine Zidane – France


France has given many popular players in sports, and Zinedine Zidane is one of those popular names. He was known for his outstanding performance as a midfielder. France won the 1998 FIFA World Cup, and credit goes to him. He also led his team to many other international trophies.


Alfredo Di Stefano – Argentina/Spain


Alfredo Di Stefano enjoyed the golden era of Real Madrid in 1950. He was popular for his forward position, but he performed quite well in all other positions too. He won five consecutive European Cup trophies for Real Madrid.


Michel Platini – France


You can give France’s success credit in 1980 to Michel Platini. He was popular for his deadly free kicks, and his true vision was unique about game strategies. He has also won three Ballon d’Or awards and many other awards in his career.


Ferenc Puskás – Hungary/Spain


He was the most important player in Hungary’s team in 1950, and later, he joined Real Madrid. In the team and the club, he remained the center of attention for all fans and players.




There are exceptional dribblers and awesome finishers in the history of football. The list of the greatest football players can be quite long. Everyone has his personal choices and likes about players. Football enthusiasts show crazy love for their idols. From football ground performance to their social media life, they want to be aware of every single detail about football superstars.