Top 5 Reasons Baccarat Is Better Than Slot Machines For New Gamblers

New gamblers often find slot machines to be the most enticing, but they can be hard to play if you don’t know what you’re doing. To avoid frustration and to make sure you enjoy your time in a casino, try playing baccarat instead of slots. It’s the perfect starting point for new players, and here are five reasons why it’s so much better than slots if you’re just starting out with gambling.


1) They are less intimidating


If you’re a new gambler, slot machines can be intimidating. Not only are they bright and flashy, but they also come with a ton of features that new gamblers might not understand. In contrast, baccarat is one of America’s oldest casino games.


Not only does it have simple rules, but every table looks exactly like every other table – which means you won’t stand out to seasoned gamblers because you don’t know what you’re doing.


2) They have a better return


Considering that most slot machines have an average return of 85 percent to 90 percent, depending on which state you’re in, it makes sense that baccarat offers a better return. This means new gamblers will be able to gamble with more money while losing less.


It doesn’t take long before gamblers realize they can’t win playing slots over time. If you want to increase your chances of winning big, then switch from slots to baccarat and see how much fun gambling can really be! You get access to some pretty good bonuses as well.


While playing slots at Ufabet Casino , players receive various bonuses such as Free Spins and Refer-A-Friend Bonuses. Both types of bonuses help increase your bankroll even more than playing by yourself would.


3) The bets aren’t as high


The odds in baccarat are in your favor. Because there are only two cards (the player’s and banker’s) that need to be turned over to determine who wins, you don’t have to risk as much money as you would at a slot machine or roulette table.


This is especially good news if you plan on gambling for fun and not for profit. In fact, with blackjack and other casino games, it can take many hands before you win back what you started with—if ever. With baccarat, however, it’s rare to lose more than what you started with since most players bet low amounts ($5-$25).


In fact, if you just want to play for entertainment without any pressure or fear of losing too much money then I highly recommend trying out online baccarat—it will definitely make playing feel less intimidating!


4) There’s more room to play


Unlike some of its slot machine cousins, like one-armed bandits and three-reelers, baccarat allows players to place bets on up to six hands at once—that’s a whopping 36 separate betting options in total. That means that unlike a single slot machine or video poker game that might have a maximum bet of $5 per hand, baccarat players can place bets as high as $450 per hand.


5) You can still win massive jackpots


Although it’s more of a team effort than games like slots, baccarat still offers massive jackpots—especially if you’re playing large-bet versions. For example, on Super Fun 21′′ at Ufabet casino (which runs on betsoft software), a $10 bet on a hand that gets dealt a natural 9–9–9 will win $1,000 in base payouts alone.