Top Leading Gambling Companies Sponsoring Football Clubs

Gambling companies, like any other companies, are big on brand awareness. Even the most popular ones put in measures to improve visibility. Sponsoring football clubs is one way to build a gambling company’s brand. It is a mutually beneficial arrangement that has been going on for a while. Over 60% of clubs in the three top leagues are sponsored by betting companies. Here are a few of the main gambling companies that sponsor football clubs. 


William Hill


William Hill is one of the leading names in the betting industry. It stands out for its impressive sports betting platform and international appeal. Even though it is one of the oldest UK brands, William Hill has become popular in the United States and the rest of the world. 


William Hill has sponsored multiple football teams over the years. However, their partnership with Chelsea from 2016-2019 was particularly impressive. They have also formed an official partnership with Tottenham Hotspur. Collaboration with high-profile teams has contributed to the company’s brand visibility. Partnering with the best teams highlights them as the best in the gambling industry as well. 




Betway is another leading company with lots of sponsorships under its belt. It stands out for the ability to collaborate with several teams. Betway has spread out to multiple markets globally. Currently, they are the official sponsors of Brighton. They are also West Ham United’s shirt sponsor. Betway also works with Leicester. It truly stands out in the football world. 




While Sportsbet may be a fairly new platform, it is also a star in sponsorship deals. Working with popular teams has been great for their visibility and growing popularity. The betting company’s acceptance of popular cryptocurrencies gives it a competitive edge. It has teamed up with Southampton and Arsenal, which are among the leading football clubs in the world. was founded in 2017. Its sportsbook and casino have more than five million users and are popular globally. Being the leading crypto casino in the world, had more than 65 billion bets in 2022. It is known for its partnerships with Everton Football Club in the EPL. Everton signed this multi-year deal in June 2022, making it the most significant partnership in the club’s history.


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888 Holdings


888 Holdings, the parent company of 888Sport, has partnered with several football clubs, including the English Premier League team West Ham United and the Spanish club RCD Mallorca. Their partnership with West Ham United, in particular,  garnered significant attention. It allowed 888Sport to become the club’s principal sponsor, featuring prominently on the team’s shirts.




This gambling company is impossible to ignore when exploring international brands. The brand has a solid presence in tons of markets, which is why it’s always sponsoring football teams. Its partnership with Liverpool is one of the biggest ones in the book. They have a solid collaboration that has significantly impacted both of them. It has particularly improved the popularity of IXBet in the UK. 




This betting company proves that emphasis on brand visibility is important no matter how big a company gets. Bet365 is one of the largest sports betting companies in the world. It was one of the first betting companies to move online, and its popularity has spread worldwide. 


Like Betway, Bet365 sponsors multiple teams, including Leeds United, Newcastle United, and Wolverhampton Wanderers. Bet365 is one of the most prolific sponsors in the football world. The substantial financial support that they offer has enabled these clubs to strengthen their squads and invest in their infrastructure. It has also improved the visibility of Bet365. 



This brand also runs multiple sponsorships simultaneously. The sports betting company has collaborated with Everton, Leicester, and Chelsea to improve their brand awareness. Parimatch is Everton’s official sponsor and Chelsea’s official betting partner. Their partnership with Leicester is for training wear. These strategic partnerships have, no doubt, improved the company’s exposure. 




Bwin heavily invests in partnerships with European markets. It has sponsored multiple leagues and sports in the past, contributing to the brand’s global expansion. Some of its biggest sponsorships include FC Union Berlin, Borussia Dortmund, Dynamo Dresden, and FC St. Pauli. 


Implications and Debates


Gambling companies’ sponsorships for football clubs, especially in Europe, have been prevalent yet controversial for several years. These sponsorships involve partnerships where the company’s logo and branding appear on the team’s jerseys, in the stadium, and various marketing materials. Here is how these sponsorships have impacted the industry. 


Financial Boost for Football Clubs


One of the primary benefits of these partnerships is the financial boost they provide to football clubs. In an era where transfer fees and player salaries are soaring, the backing of gambling companies can help clubs remain competitive and invest in their growth.

Ethical Concerns


The association between gambling companies and football clubs has sparked ethical concerns. Critics argue that such partnerships promote gambling addiction and could influence young fans who are exposed to gambling logos and advertisements at a young age. Many countries have imposed regulations on gambling advertising in sports to address the issue.


Fan Engagement


Partnerships between gambling companies and football clubs have enhanced fan engagement. Football fans have more fun when they have a stake in the outcome of the game. They can take advantage of exclusive promotions, including odds boosts and special offers. This engagement enhances the overall football experience for supporters.


Dependence on Gambling Revenue


Some football clubs have come to depend heavily on the revenue generated through gambling partnerships. This dependence can be risky if it leads to an overreliance on a single source of income. In conclusion, several gambling companies sponsor various teams to boost their visibility. Considering the popularity of football, it is no surprise that many betting companies try to partner with successful teams. The result is a win-win situation where football clubs receive extra funding, and gambling companies improve their brands.