VIP-IBC Review

VIP-IBC brings together the best bookmakers in the world to help you to bet easily, quickly, and above all efficiently.


Out of the multitude of online Sports Betting offers, football alone makes up more than half of the bets. Competitions come and go, and the opportunities to win big multiply. Offers and bonuses are competing for your attention. Do you think it’s better to compare them and bet on the best online bookmakers? Good call! But this involves a lot of time-consuming research, logging in and out, going through a number of different accounts, and a lot of expertise. Not easy, right?


VIP-IBC offers itself as a solution to your needs. It is an online betting platform whose principle is to gather the odds of the different betting establishments they cooperate with and present them to you so that you can quickly compare them and place your bets with speed and efficiency. You can also do this at several bookmakers at the same time. If you want to make maximum winnings, this is the best betting strategy and it works!


An Effective Solution for Bettors


The main advantage of this initiative is that everything is managed in one account. Other advantages are offered by acquiring the highest odds available for a given market at a given time. In addition, the odds of the different bookmakers are arranged odds-for-odds allowing you to compare them and always choose the one that will give you the most profit. This makes this platform so convenient and innovative.


 Unlike other bookmakers that limit their players’ bets, VIP-IBC allows you to place your bets at higher stakes than those found at ordinary bookmakers. 


Betting Options


With VIP-IBC, you can place bets on more than 11 bookmakers. As far as sports are concerned, you can choose between soccer, basketball, tennis, baseball, rugby, ice hockey, cricket, American soccer, boxing, and MMA. 


 If you like to have multiple betting options, you have a set of 22 markets and 85 international competitions. You can configure your screen to display a selected assortment of offers. Don’t worry, the process is quite simple. Just point to an option and click.


The sports betting platform will take care of placing the bet with as many bookmakers as you pre-select. The idea is to allow you to make easy, fast, and comfortable bets. Just pay attention to what is displayed on the screen, including the maximum amount that can be bet at any time. In all respects, the goal seems to be met.


Customer Service


The site is offered in 20 languages. Customer support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in each of them, either through a live chat representative or via email. The answers given to each question cover all aspects because the support staff is very knowledgeable.


In addition, you get a unique service: Skype Brokerage. It allows you to get in touch with a broker directly via Skype and negotiate custom bets. If you can’t place them all at once, the broker will place them successively, until the request is met. This concept could be very useful if you don’t want to stick to the standard method of placing bets, or if you are not happy with the odds you see. 


Deposits and Withdrawals


You can use Skrill, Neteller, CashtoCode, crypto-currencies, and standard traditional wire transfers. Accounts are funded quickly after a deposit request. Withdrawals take a little longer because bets must be settled before any crediting. 


The great advantage is that you have the ability to transfer funds from accounts held at the BET-IBC cooperating agent. You can use the balance of the funds for any purpose that suits you.


Let’s conclude this review with an observation: VIP-IBC is one of the best software for bettors. Whether you are a casual bettor, a professional bettor, or a heavy bettor, you will find it easy to use with its multiple customization options. You will benefit from the best limits and odds, a great choice of bookmakers, as well as vast betting markets. So don’t wait any longer and register for an account at the best betting platform now!