What Are the Best Odds to Win Keno?

Before we get on to the odds, I will walk you through a round of games. Typically, a game of keno lasts for about 10 to 15 minutes. If you are not a high roller, you will not spend more than one or two dollars. Some players can play it for hours. This also says that despite the exaggerated house edge, a game of keno will not cost you much. If you’re into on line gambling, you will want to find out how to win at the game of Keno.


Coming to the odds, you have more chances of winning at roulette. Yes, because in this, you need to get all the 20 numbers right to win big. And guessing all the 20 right outcomes would be difficult for a mathematician too. However, you can stick to the 6-spot strategy. Considering the odds of winning, you are more likely to win with a 6- spot ticket.


If you are good at maths, you might have observed an 83% chance of losing if you get a zero, one or two catches. On the other hand, if you get four, five, or six catches, you are lucky. These figures may look disheartening, which is why I mentioned that you need a generous bonus to support your bankroll. Sticking to some good strategy will help you in the long run.


How to play keno


How does it work? Keno resembles lotteries a lot. This is a simple and rapid game that you can get addicted to overtime. Here is a quick rundown of the steps on how to play online keno (or video keno) –


  1. First choose your favourite numbers. You can also go for any random numbers. You can pick one number or as many as 20 (some games have a limit of a maximum of 15 numbers).
  2. Now it’s betting time. Once you place the bet, you will be handed a keno ticket or keno card.
  3. Once you’ve received the card, sit back and watch the numbers that are getting picked.
  4. Once all the 20 winning numbers are drawn, check your ticket and see how many of your chosen numbers have “hit.”
  5. Online winnings or jackpot will be collected automatically.


You will have to take your ticket to the keno counter to collect your payout or prize at an offline casino. A keno game does not last for more than ten or fifteen minutes.


Is there a pattern to keno?


You will hear about numerical patterns when you read or watch instructional videos about keno. So let me tell you about hot and cold numbers. Hot numbers are the ones that have shown up frequently. So, it is believed that they will show up again. This is not a rare scene at keno games.


Cold numbers are the digits that do not show up. You will then observe that some players betting on cold numbers as they believe that they are more likely to come up. This is a harmless pattern to follow because each number has an equal probability of winning. However, there are no “lucky” numbers or even hot or cold numbers.