Why Is the Premier League So Popular?

The Premier League is the top division of the English football leagues. This organization, which has the distinction of being the football league in which the 20 biggest teams in England compete, is also known as the oldest league in the history of world football. There is no playoff system in the English Premier League, where 20 clubs compete. In the 20-team league, teams match each other twice in total, and the team that finishes at the top of the league after 38 weeks wins the championship title and gets the right to directly participate in the UEFA Champions League, UEFA’s number one organization.


The English Premier League is also the only league in the world where teams from another country compete. In addition to English teams, Welsh teams can also compete in the English Premier League. In today’s article, we are going to focus on why this league is so popular and give you some information about the league that you might not know. Let’s dive in!

About the Premier League 


The Premier League is affiliated with UEFA through the official English Football Association. In this way, teams competing in the English Premier League can take part in UEFA organizations the following season as a result of the ranking they will achieve. The English Premier League was officially renamed in 1992 to provide more financial resources to the teams competing in it. In the 23 seasons since 1992, Manchester United has been the most successful English club in the competition, reaching the final 13 times.


The English Premier League is the best-marketed league in the world. This means that you can bet on Premier League matches at almost any sportsbook. It is a league that allows you to multiply this excitement even more with the bets you place on matches with high spectator pleasure. If you choose bookies that accept Revolut when placing these bets, you can double the excitement and fill your pocket!


In fact, the broadcasting rights of the Premier League have been sold for approximately 5 billion euros, which means that even the relegated team in the last place of the league will earn more broadcasting revenue than the biggest clubs in Europe, such as Barcelona and Real Madrid. On average, even relegated teams can earn €120 million in broadcasting revenue.


In addition, Barclays, the main sponsor of the Premier League, has also opened a considerable revenue door for 20 clubs. The Premier League is broadcast simultaneously with England in around 150 countries around the world. Therefore, some of the weekly fixtures are played at 12:45 p.m. local time. In this way, these matches can be delivered to football fans in the Far East.


Other Things You Should Know 


The Premier League is the league with the highest average attendance after the Bundesliga. The average season attendance is around 35,000 people per match. The teams that attract the most spectators are Arsenal, Chelsea, and Manchester United. The English League has maintained its position as the most valuable league for the last 25 years, although it has fallen behind the Spanish League.


The recent underperformance of English clubs in European cups has pushed the English League, which had the most points in Europe for a long time, down to second place. The English Premier League has the big four: Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, and Liverpool. Of these 4 teams, only Liverpool does not have a championship in this organization, which was transformed into the Premier League in 1992.


The English Premier League is partially foreign-restricted. Footballers holding a European Union passport are not subject to any foreign treatment under the free movement of persons and workers and therefore have the same rights as English players. Footballers who do not hold a passport of a country in the European Union or the European Economic Area are subject to a work permit. A foreign footballer can obtain a work permit if he or she has played in 60% of his or her country’s national matches in the last year. A record of appearances below this percentage is an obstacle to obtaining a work visa.