Will Manchester United Be Better Without Cristiano Ronaldo Around the Squad?

Now that Cristiano Ronaldo has finally left Manchester United, will they be a better team without him in the squad? Read on.


After a damaging interview with Piers Morgan on November 14th, 2022, which aired in two parts over November 16th-17th, the wheels were set in motion that led to Cristiano Ronaldo leaving Manchester United. 


On November 22nd, after the club sought legal action over the interview in which he criticised the club and new manager Erik Ten Hag, the Man Utd legend’s contract was terminated with immediate effect and by mutual agreement. The question being asked here is, will Manchester United be better without Ronaldo around the squad? Find out more right here. 

Will Man Utd be better without Ronaldo?


Whether Manchester United will be better without Ronaldo remains to be seen, but at 38 years old, the United icon would have only had one or two more seasons max left at the club where he achieved so much success, so the club wasn’t relying on him in any way before he left. In fact, some of their biggest wins in recent times against the likes of Spurs, Arsenal and Liverpool were achieved without Ronaldo in the starting 11. Those who buy Man U tickets may sense a team relieved to be without his presence.

How are Man Utd doing in the league?


Manchester United are currently in fifth place with 26 points. The Red Devils have played 14 games, won 8, drawn 2, and lost 4. They’ve scored 20 and let in the same amount, and they are currently behind fourth place Tottenham Hotspur, third place Newcastle United, second place Manchester City, and league leaders Arsenal. 


Just before the world cup break, they drew 0-0 at home to Newcastle United on October 16th. Just three days later, they beat Spurs 2-0 at home, and then on October 22nd, they travelled to Chelsea and drew 1-1. In the penultimate group stage match (Group E) of the Europa League, they beat FC Sheriff 3-0 at Old Trafford before beating West Ham 1-0 at home in the Premier League on October 30th. 


In their final group stage match of the Europa League, they beat Real Sociedad 1-0 away, before returning for Premier League action and losing 3-1 away to Aston Villa. Their next game was the third round of the EFL Cup (Carabao Cup), against Aston Villa again, which they managed to win this time 4-2. In their final Premier League game before the break for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, they beat Fulham 2-1 away. 


Upcoming fixtures


Manchester United play Burnley in the final 16 knockout stage of the EFL Cup on December 21st, and then on December 27th, they play Nottingham Forest at home in the league. On December 31st, they face Wolves away, and then they host Bournemouth at home on January 3rd. 


Can Man United win the Premier League or Europa League?


To find out just how likely it is that Man Utd can win the Premier League or the Europa League, the best thing to do would be to check the odds at several of today’s most trusted betting websites. Right now, for example, you will see that Man Utd are currently the fifth odds-on favourites to win the Premier League (behind Newcastle Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal, and Manchester City), and they are currently the third odds-on favourite to win the Europa League behind Barcelona and Arsenal.