Artem Dovbyk’s Breakout Season at Girona

Girona are playing in La Liga for just the fourth time in club history, but they find themselves challenging for a first-ever European qualification and a maiden league title thanks in large part to 26-year-old Ukrainian forward Artem Dovbyk. He has logged an impressive 1244 minutes on the field through 21 matches, showcasing his consistency and endurance. Scoring 14 goals in the league, Dovbyk has proven to be a lethal striker, demonstrating his clinical finishing and knack for finding the back of the net. His goal-scoring ability has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in boosting his team’s offensive prowess.


What sets Dovbyk apart is not just his goal-scoring prowess but also his playmaking skills. He contributed five assists, showcasing his versatility as both a scorer and a provider for his teammates. This dual threat on the field adds a valuable dimension to his overall impact. We can see how he ranks in comparison to other strikers in the below percentile visuals:



Delving into the statistics, Dovbyk’s expected goals (xG) of 10.9 and non-penalty xG (npxG) of 8.5 highlight his efficiency in converting scoring opportunities. These numbers underscore his ability to outperform the expected metrics consistently. Dovbyk’s influence is not limited to the attacking third; he actively contributes defensively as well. With an expected assists (xAG) statistic of 3.4, he plays a role in creating goal-scoring opportunities for his teammates, showcasing a well-rounded approach to the game.


In terms of overall involvement, Dovbyk participated in 28 shot-creating actions (SCA) and contributed to seven goal-creating actions (GCA). These numbers emphasize his active role in both the build-up and execution of offensive plays. Artem Dovbyk’s performance in La Liga for the 2023-2024 season positions him as a dynamic and impactful player. His ability to score, create opportunities, and contribute defensively makes him a well-rounded asset for his team. As fans eagerly anticipate his future performances, Dovbyk’s presence on the field continues to leave a lasting impression.


At 26, Dovbyk has been somewhat of a late bloomer, bouncing around from Ukraine to Moldova to Denmark before leaving Dnipro-1 and joining Girona for €7m. He became the club’s most expensive signing, and he has handled the pressure with remarkable ease. Not only has he filled the void of Taty Castellanos — who finished as the club’s top scorer with 13 goals (4 against Real Madrid) before moving to Lazio — but he has given Girona a new lease on life and allowed them to dream of a first-ever European qualification and potentially a league title as well.


By: Egy Dwi Kurnianto / @egydwikrnt

Featured Image: @GabFoligno / Quality Sport Images / Getty Images