Can Real Madrid Continue their European Dominance at Wembley?

For most of us, the object of our deepest addiction is, invariably, she. Though the precise date and time of our first encounter may escape us, the moment we first set eyes on her is indelibly imprinted on our memory. From that instant, a profound connection was forged, one that has grown ever more compelling with each encounter. Each meeting stokes an insatiable desire for the next, an unending craving to be enveloped in her embrace, to savor her exquisite beauty time and again.


And now, as we prepare to guide you back home from Wembley, nothing else holds significance. It is just you, and the two words that resonate with such profound meaning, words that we love to whisper in your ear, over and over again: “Hala Madrid.”



From the earliest days of our existence, you, the UEFA Champions League, have been the source of our deepest passion and longing. Our first encounter, an unforgettable moment in 1956, ignited a love affair that would transcend time. We were young then, bold and hungry, and with every subsequent victory from 1956 to 1960, our bond grew unbreakable. Five consecutive titles — a testament to our devotion, an unparalleled romance written in the annals of football history.


Yet, like all great love stories, ours has known its share of trials. After a brief rekindling of our passion in 1966, we were forced into a long and torturous separation. Thirty-two years we waited, pining and yearning, until 1998 when fate finally smiled upon us again. That seventh triumph was not just a victory, but a rediscovery of our lost love, an affirmation that we were meant to be together.


The years following saw us revel in our rediscovered romance, with titles in 2000 and 2002, the latter sealed by Zidane’s ethereal volley, a moment of pure poetry that only you could inspire. Yet, after that ninth kiss, the tantalizing ninth trophy, we were cast into another long wait. La Décima, the elusive tenth, became our obsession, the phantom of our dreams that haunted us for twelve interminable years.


In 2014, our hearts raced as we stood on the brink of La Décima. The final against Atlético Madrid was a heart-wrenching affair, a night where we tasted the bitterness of near defeat. But in the 93rd minute, Sergio Ramos’s header was like a long-awaited embrace, pulling us back from the edge. Extra time saw us bask in your glory once more, as we triumphed 4-1. La Décima was ours, and with it, our love was reborn with even greater fervor.



The ecstasy of that victory set the stage for an unprecedented era. From 2016 to 2018, we achieved what many deemed impossible: three consecutive titles. In these moments, we danced together in Milan, Cardiff, and Kyiv, each final a testament to our invincible connection. The victories were not just wins, but celebrations of our undying affection. Cristiano Ronaldo’s brilliance, Gareth Bale’s spectacular goals, and the unyielding spirit of our team were all expressions of our devotion to you.


But love, true love, is not without its tests. After the heights of the three-peat, we faced trials that threatened to shake our resolve. Yet, we remained steadfast, knowing that our hearts belonged to you. In 2022, once again in Paris, we proved our enduring love. Vinícius Júnior’s decisive goal and Thibaut Courtois’s heroic saves were but affirmations of our unwavering commitment. Our fourteenth title was a reaffirmation, a promise renewed.


Now, as we stand on the cusp of yet another chapter, the final against Borussia Dortmund on June 1, 2024, we are filled with the same eager anticipation. Wembley, a cathedral of football, awaits another testament to our eternal love. This match is more than a game; it is another page in our epic narrative, another opportunity to declare our passion.



Ours is a love story for the ages, one that unfolds with the elegance of a finely crafted novel. It is a tale admired by most, loathed by some, yet perpetually recounted by romantics. It needs but ninety minutes—and a touch more—to reveal itself. And as we step onto that hallowed ground, hearts alight with hope and dreams, remember this: it is not just a game. It is an affirmation of love, a declaration of eternal commitment. And as always, Hala Madrid.


By Tobi Peter  / @keepIT_tactical

Featured Image: @GabFoligno / Getty Images