Christmas Came Early

He sits down. The book lies on the table, reading in bold fonts, “Factotum”. After all, it’s a book by the one and only Charles Bukowski. The person fixes his retro spectacles, trying to enjoy the book. After all, it has been a hard day at the bank for him. Drinking wine and reading Factotum, he stumbles upon an idea. Taking out his notebook that he often keeps by his side, he starts writing notes. He stares at his creation and doubts it, as does every creator. Self-doubt thoughts and confusion pass over him like a bad thunderstorm, waiting for the strike at any point. The person stands up and closes the light. It’s been too much for him. Off to bed, then.
The clock strikes 6. He wakes up and quickly fixes himself some eggs. The ideas are still fresh in his mind and whatever he does, they seem to persist. There’s no getting around it. Cleaning up after himself, he leaves the apartment. On his way to the famed Monte dei Paschi di Siena bank, he passes by his favorite cigarette shop. His supply is low so he pays the vendor five euros. “Grazie,” said the vendor. “Nessun problema,” said the gentleman. Off he went to the bank, ready to work yet every single time he worked, those ideas came up. His notebook and his creation floated in his mind. For the first in ever, he asked for a day off and the bank gladly granted him one. Walking down the stairs, he signaled for a cab. Taking those, he ended up at his home and the delirium resulting was one that was remarkable. He decided. Facciamolo was what his brain said. The next day came the resignation of the gentleman. People were shocked but everybody expected this. After all, he’d been acting strange ever since that one day.
Game night. The gentlemen stood, having learned from his failures and successes. They were winning 2-0 and still, he persisted with his shouts and his instructions. Another win for him, a journey that has been rough in the making. Sorrento had finished mid-table, a respectable finish for a respectable club. However, somewhere, someplace, the higher-ups weren’t content with this finish and fired him shortly after. Fading through months, his tactical ideas floating in his brain, Empoli picked him up. Training and applying slightly tweaked ideas, he took them to places they could only dream of. Onwards and upwards.
It was a normal Saturday morning and as normal, he was at the training grounds, discussing the upcoming game against Napoli. It would be tough but they could just edge it.  Just then, rushing through the doors, Alvaro burst. “Mister 33, Napoli just called. They want to hire you !”. “Cazzate !”, replied Maurizio Sarri and continued working on his gameplan.  Alvaro went out but he didn’t care. He was making plans for this evening and he knew it would be unlike anything he had seen.
Empoli won 4-2 over a resolute Napoli containing the likes of Hamsik. The Neapolitans liked what they saw and the next thing you knew, the former banker was at Napoli. It was at Napoli where Sarri’s tactics exploded, breaking records left, right and center. Higuain’s goals were record-breaking while everyone enjoyed the slick passing. No Higuain? No problem for them as Napoli continued to rack up points and goals and the rest was history. It was quite a story. A middle-class man was now orchestrating one of the biggest upsets in Calcio history, denying Juventus a nominal title. It was ambitious but as fate has it, they would come close to toppling the king but never completely ensuing chaos. Year after year, Sarri tried but alas, it never happened. After enough tries come one last push and this is what happened last season. Forgetting every European competition to fully focus on the title, Napoli did everything. Winning when it mattered, scoring and defending when it was required. This time, though, it was the Romans that ultimately stopped the Neapolitans’ push and Sarri, fatigued, decided it was time for a change. Personally.
Chelsea came from one of the most mediocre seasons. They needed something. Stars like Hazard were threatening to leave while the club was close to becoming mid-table. A change was required. The first step was getting rid of the scorpion, the one who would smile and sting you in the back. In swift terms, Conte was fired. The question now became: ” Who? ” After missing out on Tuchel and Jardim, there was only one man left. Coincidentally, this wouldn’t be the first time Sarri would replace a Conte departure. And as fate would have it, fate decided to string Sarri and Chelsea. It was a match made in heaven. While Conte had been despised and scowled upon, Sarri brought a new gust of wind. No more scowls, complains and scathing critiques of his own staff.
No, no, no.
This time it would be about something different. It would be about Sarri and fun. Christmas has come early to Chelsea. Santa Claus has dropped a priceless gift to Chelsea and they’ve accepted it with a childlike glee. Contract renewals for their star players, new additions and Sarri have all come offering one thing: Sarrismo. Come the new PL season and there’s optimism in the air at Chelsea. With their game this Saturday, the PL will witness some of the greatest football Chelsea has to offer. Hazard’s flicks, Kante’s interceptions, Jorginho’s passes and goals. Goals, goals, and goals. The banker has come up quite a few rungs and he’s determined to prove himself to the world. And this time, he’s about to bring one of the biggest upsets.
Chelsea is the underdog and Sarri their leader.
And if it’s one thing we’ve learned about Chelsea, you never sleep on them. Especially when they’re the underdogs.
Sarri welcomes you with open eyes and arms and jaws.
You’d better come prepared.
By: Abhishek Mishra